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i recently bought a new HP desktop and I'm trying to burn DVD's using DVD Santa but I have also tried windows DVD maker. In DVD Santa, after it encodes the DVD it cant burn it because it doesn't detect a DVD drive but there is one in my computer. Windows DVD maker says the file I am tryin to put on, a movie in .avi format, is either corrupt or invalid. I looked in device manager in the control panel and it says there is no DVD drive but DVD's are accessed when i put them in the drive. PLEASE HELP ME!!
Does the .avi file play when you load it on your computer? And when you say the DVDs are accessed when you put them in, you mean they play fine, DVD content shows up in explorer etc?

Either way, it wouldn't be a bad thing to pop over to HP's drivers section and see if you can find your DVD drive on there.
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Not to ask a stupid question, but you are putting blank DVD-R's in there, right? You can't make a DVD with a plain old CD-R or RW.
Stupid questions have led to solutions more times than we'd all dare admit. :) Plus there's quite a few things it could be so some narrowing down is welcome.


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the file plays fine on my computer, and yes i am putting in blank dvd's lol. When i say accessed i mean the autoplay box pops up giving me the option to burn data dvd or make a dvd video using mindows dvd maker etc. dvd santa encodes the movie fine but when it goes to burn it says no dvd drive found.
Perhaps another change of software is in order. I use Linux programs myself now for DVD creation but I was previously using ConvertXToDVD, which worked great for me. Converted everything, albeit a little slow and zero problems with burns. Not sure of the exact limitations on the trial version, though.. but give it a shot.

The fact that Windows recognises your disks properly and sees content on them to autoplay suggests it's not hardware related.


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thanks a lot, i'll give that a try.
i have solved the problem. i had to right click on dvd santa and click run as administrator for it to access my disk drive, doesnt really make sense why that is but it works, thanks for your help.
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