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Lion Rampant
Does it fall on your things? My things will acquire a frightful measure of the stuff, if I don't get the feather duster from the wardrobe and whisk in daily foppish fashion. For all I can truly discern, however, I'm just sending it up into the air, to rain back down again at a later time on my lovely housekeeping parade - whereas, were I the personification of cleanliness, I might use a rag with spray wax on it - rather!

Oh, I hope that wasn't too droll and erudite. I don't want to sound pedantic or didactic here.

Please reply to my question, which may be found at the beginning of the initial paragraph herein, in forty-two words or more, twelve of them being multisyllabic, using the text editor found below or by clicking the Reply button. If you can't locate either of the two, I'll be glad to walk you through the steps. Furthermore, interrogative statements shall be followed by question marks, and declarative statements by standard full stops (or "periods") unless the statement is deemed by a panel of three vouchsafers to be whimsical and capricious.

Have fun!

EDIT: My apologies! I've just realized that you can also reply by clicking on the Quote button, an eventuality which at first escaped my overburdened notice. Where were my manners?
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