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Durnk Smelly


Do What Thou Wilt
You basterd stol my moviez!

Do you like a slow frig or a quick frig?


Lion Rampant
omg snel is maked
love is strange

lot of peeeeeople

take it for a game
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Do What Thou Wilt
MAgnum9987: She was too high to realize it was me she had slept with
MAgnum9987:She had a nice rak
Tucker: You're such a romantic


Lion Rampant
not sure, but I think I just watched him die


Do What Thou Wilt
I have a eulogy going for him

Smel, got drunk, and he died!

Lets go grab some beers


Sally Twit

i wish i was there so bad. i laughed very hard at tucker's impression. i needed a good laugh.


Creeping On You
yah sorry guys. i would have stayed longer, but my monitor friend randomly. Just went sizzle and was done. I tried everything to get it back, but no luck. So I spent 10 bucks and bought a new one this morning haha.
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