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Discuss Dungeons & Dragons (Pathfinder)


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Does anyone/has anyone played Dungeons and Dragons?

I get together with my friends to play a session every couple weeks. So far we've had three sessions and I have to say that while it is incredibly nerdy that I find myself really enjoying it.

There's just something about the game that makes it fun, I think it's the exploration. I feel as if I'm getting to know my friends better because I can solve their puzzles and work questions and phrases certain ways based on the worlds that they've created.

My character is a Dwarf Paladin, he's pretty strong.

Anyone play?


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So, bump after two years haha. Any D&D fans out there? What Edition(s) do you enjoy?

Most of you that know me well know that I do love D&D - my oldest brother has always been into it, and when I was a kid it all seemed so cool and creative. Fantasy worlds are my favorite setting, and that usually shows in the novels I choose to read as well. Take that and combine it with something that's basically like a board game of the mind, and it's a lot of fun. I'm not great at the whole "talking as your character" thing, but you can play along pretty easily haha.

I initially played with my brother as DM with a couple of friends in late high school/early college. We had some great times, and after one of those friends moved to Florida the rest of us eventually connected to play again when my brother moved back to St. Louis after a long time out of town for studies. We played off and on for a good couple of years until that friend of mine passed away, so I have some really fond memories of the game. We played 2nd Edition because it's my brother's favorite, and I love the old-school feel of that style. Characters aren't overpowered and it has a really concrete feel to how the world is presented...well, outside of the dragons and such haha. My brother and I are going to try and resume that campaign here soon. What was tough about that is that now that just my brother and I are playing, I have to control like 6-8 characters at once which can kind of distract from the experience. Before, my friend and I were each controlling about 3-4 each and even that was somewhat bogged down. But it can still work and be a lot of fun - I look forward to resuming 2E with my brother soon. We were in the middle of a classic set of modules that take place in the desert and have an Egyptian vibe to them.

So I'm also a huge fan of comic books (as a lot of you know, again). I've been going to my local comic shop every week for a good 5 years almost, and have become pretty good friends with the manager there who is only a year older than me. He's hooked me in to play a 5th Edition campaign he's cooking up, which will be pretty awesome because for the first time I'll just control one character that I come up with. Another thing about this that's a lot of fun is he's doing world building - this will really be a unique experience. He's a good writer so I look forward to seeing what he puts together for us. I think starting in September I'll be playing D&D at the comic shop once a month or so. If that isn't Nerdvana I don't know what is.


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I used to play, back in the day. Mostly 2nd Edition but I played a little 3 and 3.5

I prefer playing to dming, but I am a great world builder. I love making maps and creating characters to control during the game.

My friend's girlfriend was the best DM ever. Remembered everything, every conversation of every NPC. Made rich, detailed worlds. THen they broke up.