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Dumbledore is gay!?


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Well I think this was a stupid move on J.K. Rowling's part:

Harry Potter character outed - MSN Video

I couldn't find the AP article but here's something at least:

Rowling : ‘Dumbledore was gay' - JOURNAL CHRETIEN

I think this was a stupid move for such a popular book series... especially one so popular among younger kids. Sure you might have your opinions on whether being "gay" is right or wrong, but sending your kids to a "magic school" run by a gay professor.... Kind of ruins Harry Potter for me.

I also find it interesting that J.K. Rowling would wait until now to announce this.. Until now I don't think there people thought Dumbledore was gay. Either she wrote his character as gay all along or she decided to give a controversial answer to fans just to get back into the news for a bit.


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It's just for more attention although I laughed a lot when I heared. I knew some people would be mad. I'm not a massive fan of Harry Potter but I can see this spiraling into some big deal with people being angry because she said hes gay and then gay people getting angry at all the outrage. It's going to be very silly....


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Don't get me wrong, I haven't read any Harry Potter books. I just see it as a pretty lame way to get back into the news. I also think that she made it up on the spot but who knows for sure.


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First, I am not a fanatic on the Harry Potter series, but I have read all of the books.

Now where have a even thought that Dumbledore was gay.

But I do agree, I think this is a stupid idea on her part.

You are probably right, she is just after more attention.

If she wants attention, just start writing more books, maybe later years on harry potter.

Dumb move, it is going to cause problems.


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Now watch, in a few days we'll see another news story with her saying it was a joke, or whatever. Well as an author I would think she would be better at thinking things through. She has written one of the most popular book series in a long time.. I wouldn't imagine she was able to do that without thinking ahead with the plot... Apparently that doesn't translate to real life though. We'll see what happens.


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I could see how she's trying to attract more (unnecessary) attention to her books, but damn, why a gay Dumbledore? That alone is enough to cause her books to be pulled, unlisted as a children's book, or just have people stop buying it.

Dumb move.


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I've read the first few books in her series but lost interest as they "matured" so to speak. I mean, yeah, she announced all along that the books would slowly take a darker turn but it kind of ruined the magic she had at the beginning. Dumbledore being gay didn't help either.

I have lots of gay friends and no problem with gay people whatsoever, I just think it was an odd way to develop the character.


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This was a sad move that should have never happened, I have some friends who read Harry Potter that will no longer buy the books because of this. It was completely unnecessary to do this, without doubt this will affect book sales by a lot, there are plenty of people that won't read the books because of this.