Dumbing It Down


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Have you ever had to 'dumb it down' because a group of friends wasn't that bright, or just resented 'big words' and such?


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At first I thought I didn't have to but I also noticed how they criticised others for being boring or snobbish just because they actually prefer discussions on another level (more intellectual, for example).

I still talk to them though. We have other things in common. I just don't bring out the "serious and more educated me" into play when we talk.


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I regularly find this to be the case. Whilst my outer demeanor is a bit random, I have a huge intellectual streak, and often have to hide it, or face a ribbing from people who don't know what I'm saying, effectively.


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I think everyone has to do this at one point or another. Everyone has at least one dense friend.
There is always "That Person" that you know where you have to do something like that. I don't mind because it's good for the ego and morale boosting when you know something that someone else does not know what the hell your talking about.:rolleyes:


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Yep I know a few people like that but to be honest I don't even talk with them that much anymore...

In fact most of the people I have had to dumb down my conversations with I no longer talk to...


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When ever I go out with the Rat Packers I have to dumb it down a bit. None of them are into science or have ever worked in that field, so I have to talk about low brow stuff with them.
Don't get me wrong they are a great bunch of Surfers but not the brightest crayons in the jumbo box.

They tease me and call me the professor alot when what I say goes over their heads.