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Dudley Boyz have a long-term deal


Sultan of Swat
Staff member

Possible spoilers in the article so click on your own risk.

I'm very please that they've signed a long-term deal and this isn't just a legends contract like some other older wrestlers that came back to the WWE.

They still look like they can go, and that will help the tag team division. Here's a small snippet from the article that was pretty cool.

"We also have some interesting notes about this Monday’s big Dudleyz debut. Their return was kept secret from everybody but a few top officials and folks in the marketing and merch department, and the duo were kept hidden right until the last moment. Yes, even their victims the New Day didn’t know what was coming, so those expressions of fear/childlike delight were legit."[/quote[


The return shall be legenday!
WWE needs The Dudley Boys on their roster and couldn't be happier that it's full time. Not sure they'll be booked as Tag Team Champions but if they're serious about pushing the division, I can see them putting a few teams over.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Love that end spot about New Day. Xavier Woods was so stoked to have received a 3D haha - he wrote about it somewhere later (Facebook, I think?).

This is great for the tag team division. There are a lot of great teams right now that all came up around the same time without a base of veterans to help. Maybe that's in part because WWE neglected the tag division for so long. The Dudleys will entertain us like crazy and will make all of those other teams better and better.


Registered Member
The shot in the arm that the tag team division really needed. Lots of fresh possibilities for tag team feuds from now on since the Dudley Boyz are sticking around. Particularly looking forward to their program with The New Day. Who knows...maybe Spike Dudley will make an appearance to take care of Xavier Woods. Although I'd mark out huge for Joel Gertner or Sign Guy Dudley (since I think that Lou D'Angeli I believe works on WWE.com with Joey Styles)!


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This is really awesome stuff and should make the division so much better

And the Uso's will be back soon too


Registered Member
Oh yeah, Dudley Boyz vs Usos need to happen. But if it does, the Dudley Boyz have to be heel in that one. People would get more involved in the angle if that was the case.