Duct Tape Creations


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So, if you've seen the pictures in the Photo Gallery thread, you know I'm a duct tape fiend. Here's the latest Duct Tape Creation. It's a Mad Hatter's Hat.

It took me.... 2 days? Ish?

The first picture is me holding the hat... (It's wearable, I just couldn't find a picture of me wearing it that I liked)

Next is the "10/6" Mad Hatter Hat Signature thinger...:

Next up we have a "clubs" thingy... because I did one of each suit around the outside of the hat. But that one was my favorite.

Now to show off my duct tape rose skill...

Now for those of you who like Nick and Norah's (if any of you even know what I'm talking about...)......

Where's Fluffy?

Here's me in the midst of creating the duct tape white rabbit.

And the White Rabbit all finished... and... in a tea cup? Thing?

And his pocketwatch (I got lazy don't make fun of it! )

And the side view of teh bunneh:

LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK!!! It was for a duct tape contest. We'll see if it wins or not :/

Also... I have duct tape left over if anyone wants me to attempt a new project :D

(I'm just making tye-dye and chrome duct tape roses right now lol)


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Well it's for a contest anyway... I'm not really you know... wearing it around town or anything lol

But the rose? Actually... that was the easiest part of the whole hat... I'll NEVER tell mah secrets though... NEVAH!!!!!:lol::lol::lol: (Actually I learned the flowers online :/ It's really simple. Promise)


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The entire thing is incredibly well done (including the watch - I'm not sure why you're down on it).

For a new project? Something The Dark Knight related. Most definitely.


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That is really cool AY, the rose and the white rabbit are really good, how long have you been using duct tape for creative uses?.


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Ummm since mid-senior year in high school... so around January 2008, I started playing with duct tape as a medium.

ysabel: I don't actually know when the contest is. Our weather guy is flakey and decided he'd do a contest and just had us send pictures in to his e-mail. He e-mailed me back and said he got the pictures so... now we're just waiting on him to update me. :/


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I marvel at your duct taping skills. You would be popular in the south.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?