Ducks win Stanley Cup

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Well congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks they're the Stanley Cup champions they destroyes the Senators in 5 games. I knew that it wouldn't be pretty for the Sens because they dont like physical play and the Ducks are the most physical team in the league. I live in Ottawa but I hate the Sens. I am very glad they lost, they played horrible in Game 5 it looked like they were playing a pre-season game. Scott Niedermayer won the Conn Smyth, I was really surprised, but he kinds of deserves it.

  2. Slippery Jim

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    yah, Congratulations, Ducks, all of you, except Pronger.
  3. Vidic15

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    I only watched one match when Ducks won 6-2

    Man, I got to say. They sure thrashed the Senators.

    GO DUCKS!!
  4. andrew_bishop

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    I watched every minute of every game which should not come as much of a shock to people. The Ducks I have to say earned this cup. They went so far in 03 only to be put away in 7 by the Devils. This year its theirs and I know that the younger guys will really look back on this year and say that they had a great time and it was real fun. All but one person never won the cup before so I know it must be sweet for them to hoist the cup. But at the same time the next step is next year. Will we see the Ducks of this year next season?
  5. Slippery Jim

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    Giguere took them all the way with his goaltending, like in 03. he took out the Wild in 5, Canucks in 5 and Red Wings in 6, while Ottawa killed Pittsburgh, New Jersey and Buffalo, all in five games and then died. Usually, i've seen, when a team comes into the finals, and had creamed the rest of the playoffs, they just can't beat that final team. That's what I've seen.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    The Sens if you think about it always crumble under the pressure in the playoffs. They've done it so much against the Leafs and other teams. Everybody said that this was their year but in the end they just could not keep up with the Ducks. If the Sens could have their time back I bet during the eight days they had off they would study how the Ducks use effective Forchecking and have set plays that make look strange but really work. How many times this series did we see the Sens confused by a play or just out checked resulting in a goal for the Ducks or the win.

    Giguere did a lot this playoffs but I think that a couple other guys deserve some big props as well. Corey Perry , Scott and Rob Neidermayer(sp) , Ryan Getzlaf , Teemu Selanne , Andy MacDonald and Travis Moen all really came to play in the playoffs and if you look it over they are all big reasons why their team were so dominate and won all their series. The Ducks would be lost without even one of their players. What sets the 03 run apart from this run is that back then all the Ducks had for strong offence was Kariya. They really needed as good goaltending as they could get and they got that game in and game out. This playoffs however I saw that they didn't need as good goaltending but they still got it and their offence was really clicking.
  7. Slimpy

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    The sens just couldn't handle the heavy forechecking of the ducks. Every minute of every game they were being checked. Brain Burke put together the best team possible I think. Like andrew said this team would be lost without one of these players. You look at a player like dipenta who really stepped up and made some key plays in the game 4 when pronger wasn't there. I bet not many people even heard of him. But he is a good defencemen.

    There are so many players on the ducks that could of won the Conn Smyth. Scott took it home but players like robby neidamayer,pronger,giguere,phallson,getzlaf,mcdonald,selanne. It really shows how amazing this team really is. No one could stop them this year.
  8. andrew_bishop

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    The reason this team did so well this year was because coming into the year they had their guys set on a title. They knew what it took to win a title and that was hard , gritty players that in the absence of another star player could handle the load and contribute. This for sure got that. As well the new game really kicked in for them. Their young stars were able to step up to the plate and knock one out of the park so to speak.

    I think the fact that all but one guy on the team had never won a cup also has something to do with it. The whole team went in there and they knew that they deserved a cup and they played each game like it was their last. Do or die basically hockey for the whole year. In ten years teams will look back at this years Ducks and try to steal their style of play but I think this is the only team ever to be strong enough to play the way they did.
  9. StroShow

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    I couldn't be happier that the Mighty Dunks won the Stanley Cup. I'm kinda happier that the senators lost lol. Cant stand them and their band wagon fans. When this series started every canadien announcers and analysis picked Ottawa to win the series. I couldn't beleive my ears when I heard this. The Senators have been known to be afraid of big hits, and they've proved that against the Ducks. I beleive people picked the sens because of the way they went threw the Eastern Conference, and how well the Alfie, Spezza and Heatley line was clicking. Hearing all that I picked the Ducks to win in five games which they did by the way lol. I knew that the sens top line couldn't beat the physicality that the Ducks defence brought night in night out. And I was right again. Every player on the Ducks roster wanted to win the Cup compared to only 4 players from Ottawa.
  10. andrew_bishop

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    Well I believe that the Sens wanted to win but the only players that I saw that wanted every minute of every game were Emery and Fisher. Those two guys , Regardless of the score were always going as hard as they could. I remember Fisher going all out in the last few moments of game five even when his team was out. That shows some dedication.

    The Sens might have been the Beast Of The East but this was just the Ducks year.

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