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Dubbing Like it or Leave it?



In my opinion, several of the voice selections were bad, like Shino's and Gai's, it's very annoying that they mispronounce a couple of the names and some of the Japanese terms, I don't see why they edited out so much of the blood (that may just screw up a couple parts in the series), and the dubbed opening and ending are not nearly as cool as most of the Japanese openings and endings.


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Henskie said:
Ok I was wondering what people thought out the dubbing in the english naruto
I personally think some characters are good but some are just bad

Naruto- it is a lil annoying but it fits his character
Kyuubi NAruto- Too fake it needs to be scarier
Sasuke- ok decent
Sakura- annoying
Hinata- good
Kakashi- good
Hokage- good
Shikamaru- good

So personally I think the dubbing is overall pretty good the characters are nothing like the japanese anime but it has its own style and most of the characters fit with their dubbing
Sadly Dubbing is all I know. A few characters are annoying, but I wouldn't have the slightiest idea as to what they are suppose to be. All I know is I want more. I hear I'm missing out so I hope the dub stuff gets better.


the few times i saw a dubbed episode i thought the voices of the main characters was pretty decent
but they messed it up completely with the side characters, ebisu is one i recall that is absolutely horrifying