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Dubbing Like it or Leave it?


The Super Pimp of GF
Ok I was wondering what people thought out the dubbing in the english naruto
I personally think some characters are good but some are just bad

Naruto- it is a lil annoying but it fits his character
Kyuubi NAruto- Too fake it needs to be scarier
Sasuke- ok decent
Sakura- annoying
Hinata- good
Kakashi- good
Hokage- good
Shikamaru- good

So personally I think the dubbing is overall pretty good the characters are nothing like the japanese anime but it has its own style and most of the characters fit with their dubbing


sorry, but personaly i think every voice is plain horible, they completely killed it, and if i hear "believe it" one mroe time im going to snap ....the only voice, and i mean ONLY voice that fits is the hokage, cuz its easy to imitate and old guy lol


Well it's not like they could have gotten Rosie Odonald, Will Smith, or Chris Tucker to play those character voices.


Registered Member
The dub is not that good. Although I think Kakashi has a pretty good dub but the rest kinda suck lol.


The dubbing is..OK.But what really made me dislike is how Naruto says "believe it" all the time.And yes Sakura's voice is a bit annoying.


Most American women have annoying voices. And the "believe it" thing is just some sort of attitude they are trying to put on Naruto. That he's extremely cocky and arrogant.


The voice for Sakura is somewhat bothersome, I like Hinata's voice, the other women, their voices are more annoying. The "Believe it" thisn like Dranigus said, well for me, its getting on my nerves. Naruto should come up with something else to say. Overall, I say the dubbing is ok.


ewww... dubbed, They changed naruto from saying damn to believe it. It's really awkward.


barfootboards said:
If i hear "believe it" one more time im going to snap
I agree 100% with that and I think Sasuke's voice was the only one that totaly fit. Rock lee's voice so annoying it was

like watching a poorly dubbed kung-fu movie. Also Sakura's high pitched voice was a little annoying. The concept of

the english version was still good. I just wish that they didn't cut out the really violent scenes.


the dubbed enlglish version of naruto honestly sucks, all the characters voices well exept for maybe Kakashi are annoying, I kinda feel sad for the people who dont watch the japanese version.. which is far better in my opinion..