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Movies Dubbed or Subbed Live Action Movies?

Dubbed or Subbed Live Action Movies?

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Secret Agent
Staff member
When you are watching a live action movie that was filmed in another language, do you prefer to see it with sub titles (preserving the original audio) or do you prefer to watch it dubbed into your language?

I prefer subtitles for live action foreign language films. Stuff like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Pans Labyrinth, etc.

I would rather read subtitles than have to deal with the voices not matching the lips or the voices not sounding like I think the person should sound.

As I said in the Anime Dub/Sub thread, cartoons are entirely different and I prefer those to be dubbed. Live action's gotta be the original audio for me though.


Epic Gamer
Subtitles. Seeing horribly times lip syncing annoys the hell out of me. I'd much rather read the subtitles. I still have the same feeling of missing out as I do with anime, but it's still preferable to crappy lip syncing.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Definitely subtitled movies. I like to hear the original actors' voices and think it's part of the acting too, the way they deliver the lines. Sometimes I would compare the dubbed/subbed version and while there are good ones, some aren't and they sound hilarious. When I go to the movies, I have to go to more touristy places to get VOST (version originale sous titrée) movies as most English movies here are shown in FR dubs (VF).


Ms. Malone
Depends, if it's a comedy i find that dubbing adds to the hilarity-but that's just me; other wise i prefer subs.


yellow 4!
Definately prefer reading subtitles. But like Pugz says, it can be pretty funny if it's a bad dub. If I want to watch the film seriously though, then subtitles.


Lion Rampant
I prefer subtitles for the same reasons that the others have given. One exception is when I'm tired and just want to close my eyes and drift along with a film's audio. In those moments, unless the dialogue is in simple Spanish or French, subtitling is a definite fail.


Survived a M&G with Trent
Subtitles. I can't stand when the mouths don't match the words, so dubbing would bug me. Plus, with live action, I like to hear every inflection in the actors' voices.