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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by thebluesamurai, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. thebluesamurai

    thebluesamurai Registered Member

    So I got my hands on a DSTT this morning. Been waiting a fortnight for it's delivery but my god it was worth the wait.
    Unfortunately, having to wait a fortnight gave me a lot of time to download a LOT of games. Too many to choose which ones to put on it lol. Better than having no games tho right?

    Anyone else got a flash card? If so, which one is it, and how much did you spend on it?

    (I got my DSTT and SD card for $12:D:D)

  2. BortzANATOR

    BortzANATOR Registered Member

    R4 was about $30 2 years ago. i got a AK2 for $11.28 last january. i would love to own a Cyclods but i dont have $50 to blow on a cart lol

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