3ds DS Success


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Over 4 million sold in NA

Over 5 Million Sold in Japan

4 Titles in Japan have surpassed 1 million units sold... Animal Crossing did it in 2 weeks time...

US Sales of SM64DS 1,300,000... Mario Kart DS surpassed 1 Million in just 7 weeks.. Nintendogs has sold over 1,500,000

The DS is the fastest-selling video game machine in the history of the Japanese video game market!

550,000 Unique WiFi users have logged into the network, logging in over 10 million game connections... all in 7 weeks!

All I can say is WOW!


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Though really, one thing that could be the reason for it is growing population. More people means more sales... but still, it IS impressive. I never expected the DS would be this popular... and to think, some people thought the DS would help lead Nintendo's demise.


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more people doesnt = more sales... hell, most people dug a early grave for the DS saying it would never sell, and now most of them probably own a DS!!

seriously, take away these 1 million sellers from the DS and they wouldnt have crap for sales... ITS THE GAMES THAT PEOPLE ARE FLOCKING TO

Mario 64
Advance Wars
Mario Kart

If NA didnt have those games, DS would already be dead!

Brain Training (2 versions)
Animal Crossing
Mario Kart
Wario Ware

If Japan didnt have those games, the psp would be kickin its butt

once again... Population does not in any way = sales -- GREAT GAMES DO!


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You're right. If only 100 people were alive, we'd still have millions of DS sales. I don't know why I didn't see it before.

More can help sales. That's one reason things increase over time.


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give it up man... there hasnt been a system to match the sales of the DS...

5 million sold in one years period in japan alone... no other system has acomplished that feat ... EVER.


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Yes, but more people could help it reach being the first to do that in Japan. I'm not doubting that it's selling well. I'm just saying that if more people exist, there are more chances for people to buy it.


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sure, that might be true... but then why isnt the PSP enjoying this sales sucess

Why did the Ngage fail... Released before the DS and PSP, yet its only sold in the thousands

Why did the Lynx fail... more people around when it was released compaired to the GB!

why hasnt the gamecube sold 70 million already... because of THE GAMES... if they are fun to play, people will play them. Thats my point, and you are just not getting it


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not sure what gamechamp is trying to say.

are you trying to say that even though they did sell 5 million ds's that they didnt?

5 million sold whether the people exist or not, is still 5 million sold. its not like sony's trickery that says 100 million PS2's shipped, which is not 100 million sold.

what are you trying to get at exactly?

DS is successful, even if it were to die today.

and with certain games coming out that are sure to be million sellers (Metroid Hunters, Train Your Brain, New Super Mario sidescroller), i dont see it dying anytime soon.


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Im not really sure myself MAK...

All I know is that the DS is currently KILLING PSP in worldwide sales, and only has a real hold in the NA market where people are still drawn to graphics, not gameplay!