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3ds DS makeover this Spring?


Registered Member
The DS could see a facelift by next spring.

Famitsu is apparently suggesting that a remodeled version of the Nintendo DS could hit stores by this spring, which comes on the heels of comments that NOA's Reggie Fils-Aime made last month, stating that a revised, more stylized version of the handheld would be a great idea.

This comes a bit earlier than would have been expected, but with the sales success of the DS, which is nearly completely sold out in Japan, and is doing almost as well in the US and Europe, an updated hardware model could attract even more users to the system.
Makes sense, I will not purchase another DS unless the screens are alot brighter and crisp or if it is extremely sexy cool.


Registered Member
Oh, so THIS is what it is. Cool. However, one bad point... the winner of the current contest will be getting a nearly obsolete version. Oh well. It'll help boost Nintendo's sales, methinks. Just look at how the DS is doing, a better version would sell... well, even better. I'm predicting Nintendo will be killed in a freak accident when they get crushed by their wallet.


Registered Member
Yes, but I was mearly joking. Microsoft does have plenty of money, but Nintendo just got these completely amazing DS sales, and that's why I made the joke. And we all know Microsoft will come down with Avian Flu when they attempt to come into the fast-food chicken industry.
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