3ds DS Collection


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Post your DS collections here!

MP Hunters: First hunt (almost everyone with a DS should have this title)
Super Mario 64 DS (probably the top selling DS title to date)
Kirby Canvas Curse
Yoshi Touch & Go
Asphalt Urban GT
Spider-Man 2 (probably the lest played DS title I own)

That is my collection so far, there are plenty of titles I would love to add to my collection, just havent had the dough to do so!!


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Mario Kart DS
Metroid Demo
Mario 64
Madden '05
Trauma Center
Advance Wars
Golden Eye
Feel the Magic

Soon to come***
Animal Crossing and a slew of other games:nod:


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SamusAran86 said:
how is trauma center, Ive wanted to try that since I read up on it.

Just Added Mario Kart DS to my collection a few days ago.
It is alot of fun. My sister liked the game so much that I actually ended up giving it to her. (Each of my sisters have a DS..which I bought for them on launch day:nod: )

Its challenging, but its also something completely different from the norm. I really enjoy it:D


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Add Mario Kart to my list, and cross Mario 64 off my list. I am giving my old DS to my sister for xmas, along with Mario. I want to get a pink ds to replace it, time will tell ^_^


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If I were to get rid of one of mine it would probably be spiderman... I still havent played that game much...

I would never get rid of Mario 64 DS... the mini games are too much fun to play while on the toilet