Drying your clothes.


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How do you dry your clothes? Hang them inside, outside, use a tumble dryer?

Which method do you prefer to use?


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I put most of my clothes in the dryer. My hiking and workout clothing is all synthetic material, so it dries quickly. I usually put those on a rack to dry.
I use a dryer. It costs money (ok, only £1, but it means a lot to me :lol:) but it's better than hanging it in my room. Effort! My flatmate does that, and after a washing session her room is just full of strings of hanging clothes and she can hardly move in there. It's stoopid.

At home, we hang the washing in an airing cupboard. Don't have a dryer.


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Tumble dry all the way.

I hang lots of things inside, but mostly things like rugs for obvious reasons. They don't need to tumble dry, and if you do they force a good scrubbing afterward with their thick edges banging against the sides and leaving lines of dirt.

I do tumble dry sweaters, but don't like to. Just lazy. Zipper hoodies are a different story, they really should be hang-dried... Any jackets really.


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I hang the clothes in the attic to dry. I have a tumble dryer, but rarely use it, since it costs quite a lot in electricity and is not environmentally friendly.

My neighbour uses hers every day. We compared electricity bills the other day: she pays 130 euros a month, I pay 30! Maybe not all the difference is due to the dryer, though I can't think what else it might be.
I put most of my clothes in the dryer but that costs me $1.50 as I live in an apartment and we all share the laundry room.


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I always dry my clothes in a dryer. If i dry it outside, bird may crap on it or someone might steal it.


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I just hang my clothes to dry on a hanger inside. I wish I could put them outside because then they would dry faster and I like the feel of them better if they have been dried outside. I don't even have a drier to put them in!


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Both methods. When it's a nice day (like recently, for instance), we hang it outside. Free and fresher.

When the weather's shit, tumble dryer.
I wish I could hang clothes outside here at uni. They get really creased from the dryer and I don't own an iron. :lol:

Probably doesn't help that I just leave them in a tangled heap for a few hours once they're out of the machine.