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Drunken Idiot


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The other day I went on a 'piss-up' for birthday things and whatnot. Anyway, I am usually sound when I drink, I just relax and enjoy the evening. Yet, this time I think I acted like a complete buffoon.

I'm not sure what went down, but I somehow think I was acting rather oddly. I know I shouldn't blame it on alcohol, but I am going to, at least to an extent. In which it helped fuel whatever motivation I had to get into the mood I got into in the first place. I don't know how I got in the mood, and from what I remember of it I can only describe it as going barmy.

Anyway, I now have to go ask one of the more 'impartial and reserved' members of our group if I acted obscenely. And see if I have to apologise to anyone. I swear, this has been stuck in my craw ever since waking up the night after. I have acted like the drunken idiot and I am not proud.

Anyway, that is a side issue. I do have a point for discussion here. Which is:

Is it okay to blame alcohol for bad behaviour? Whether it's being obscene, idiotic, arrogant, violent, moody, confrontational, morbid, bombarding or just a general prick. Can this behaviour be justified (to any or a certain extent) as a direct result of alcohol consumption?
Or is it because you've simply been a obscenitor, idiot, arroganator, violator, moodster etc etc etc... from the beginning?

Thoughts? Thanks.

P.S. If you wish, please give us all an anecdote of when you have acted inappropriately, or just done something stupid under the influence of booze. Thanks.
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I've always been able to keep my "check-valve" in place for the most part. I've known people who have become complete asses after drinking too much, or with a certain kind of alcohol. I seem to be able to go all out and have fun, while being cognizant of what I am saying and when to keep my mouth shut if the next thought or action that pops into my head is not appropriate. So that said, I think to a certain extent SOME bad behaviour can be excused, but If I were treated poorly by someone who was drunk I would have a hard time excusing it just because the person was drunk.


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In my opinion, if you're an asshole from the get-go, chances are, after a drunken stupor, you're going to be an even bigger asshole.
But I have known a few people who become "nice" when they are intoxicated.
Personally, I do not drink beer, ever....so I don't have any idea what it feels like to be drunk and cause havoc or embarrasment or a horrible headache ~LoL~
I will drink a mixed drink now and then, a pina colada or a long island iced tea, but they never get me staggering.


To an extent I think you can blame alcohol for actions, in that alcohol decreases your inhibitions and you are more prone to doing things you wouldn't normally do. A drunk idea becomes a great plan when in a sober mind you would probably laugh it off as a joke. Things like that.

That being said, I don't think you can blame everything on alcohol. When you drink, you are still yourself, just more prone to the extremes. So if you are a bit irritated when you are sober, you can easily become legitimately angry when drunk. If you do end up having to apologize, I would definitely stay away from the "I was drunk" excuse. Just apologize for slipping up, take responsibility, and move on.

As for anecdote, I don't really act inappropriate when I'm really drunk. I just tend to get pretty outgoing and happy. The most inappropriate thing I've done when really drunk was kept drinking. Like I said, above, inhibitions go down when drunk, so my drunk mind wasn't in a state to say 'Yeah, you probably shouldn't chug that beer. You are plenty drunk as it is.' I ended up vomiting on my friends couch. The next day I apologized profusely to her and felt like a total ass.


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It's only ok to blame alcohol for bad behavior if somebody tied you down, stuck a funnel in your mouth and forced it into you.

Otherwise it was still 100% your decision to drink it and therefore you should be 100% responsible for your actions thereafter.


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It's only ok to blame alcohol for bad behavior if somebody tied you down, stuck a funnel in your mouth and forced it into you.

Otherwise it was still 100% your decision to drink it and therefore you should be 100% responsible for your actions thereafter.
But for the purposes of a 'piss-up' you are expected to drink. It's part of the social occasion. I think refusing to drink on a night out would pretty much isolate you from the group, I'd be outcasting myself. Couldn't that make things worse? -- This statement bearing in mind that I wouldn't be violent/abusive with drink (I never get that bad, never will), and the assumption of isolation leading to losing friends? If that makes sense.

I'm not sure if I did do anything to be honest, and if I did it I can't see it being massively bad. I'm not the sort who goes looking for fights when drunk or anything extreme like that...
I just got it in my head that I did something, I'm not usually a drunken idiot. I'm usually pretty good with the drink. It's just on my mind is all. Wish I still had a memory of it.
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Luckily, I'm a happy drunk, so I don't really have to excuse bad behavior. I still make an ass of myself though.


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I usually get way too drunk and get pretty rude to people I don't know/care about. Shit happens when you party hard.


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I've done stupid things while drunk, and it was always my fault. Yes, you wouldn't do certain things if it was for the alcohol, the equation of getting drunk and having issues is "Person + Alcohol = Trouble." And cosign is in there somewhere ;).

But yeah, the person is a part of it. If you have a great group of friends they can always look past it, though. I've done dumb drunken things in the past, my friends have, and we always look past it.


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I love alcohol, I drink about 4 times a week with my friends and typically only get messed up once a week. I remember just this year my friend and I had a 'Drinkathon'. The goal was to close the bar down, drink more at home, wake up in 4 hours and be back at the bar at 9am - closing. And the rule was a minimum 1 pitcher an hour. The first 5 hours were good because we were watching the World Cup, but as they day grew I started taking energy pills to wake me up, and all the energy pills did was help me get sober through out the day. To make a long story short, after 17 hours of drinking at the bar, we did it and no harm done except for coughing up blood the next day. :urp:
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