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Drunken disastor


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It happened on friday. Too many beers and a shot of deadly tequila! My friend and I were having a blast....dancing....socializing. Then as I walked off the dance floor I grabbed her to come join me at the table and caused her to fall. She fell backwards and landed hard on her left shoulder. The xray shows a fracture. Just to add to the terribleness of the night. The next day when I picked up my car it was dead because the valet had turned on my parking lights. Then the fob didn't work to unlock it so the car alarm went off. As we tried to jump it the alarm was splitting our ears open. I can see why people say they will "never drink again!".

What stories do you have?
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Free Spirit
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There is one time a friend took me out bar hopping a few days before I got married. My husband was having a bachelor party so I decided this was my last time to kick up my heals. She took me to several bars, which I had a few at each bar but I had so many men hitting on me, I'm shy, that it was freaking me out. So we decided to pick up some beer and go back to her house. We drank and drank cutting up and laughing.

When I finally decided I wanted to go home she had to take me I was so drunk. On the way home, just across town, I had to hang my head out the window several times, it was like the earth was spinning too fast. Then when I got there a friend of my husbands was spending the night but he still wasn't there. I had to barf some more and he came running in the bathroom to help me just in time for me to hurl and fart.lol

He took me to try to find my future husband because I wanted to get my car, we couldn't find him. So we went back to the house where I passed out. The next thing I knew my future husband was trying to wake me up wanting to know where the car was, I couldn't remember. Still half drunk I told him it was somewhere across some railroad tracks. He was getting pissed at me because I couldn't remember. It took till the next evening for me to figure out where my car was. He was so mad he tore up her yard which made me mad at him. Which we still go married and I never drank that much again.


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My worst drinking story didn't even happen to me. My girlfriend and I were at her sister's place, with sister's boyfriend, having a quiet (albeit somewhat drunken) night in. They'd invited us to stay the night and we were just staying in at their place, so we weren't worried about getting home or driving or anything else -- so our inhibitions were already way down and we were just enjoying ourselves, playing silly games and watching horror films and whatnot. Until her boyfriend and I set up playing poker on the ipad and she and her sister left us to it and went outside to the back garden for some reason. It was icy, they were both pretty much too drunk to see... the next thing boyfriend and I know, the two of them come running back in tears, thoroughly distraught. My girlfriend managed to slip on the patio and chip her front tooth pretty badly. It's not exactly a massive snaggletooth but she was pissed and it looked a lot worse than it was when she was still bloody and upset about it...

Needless to say we all sobered up faster than should have been physically possible, many hugs were exchanged, and we all went to bed shortly after. :(

She's getting it fixed on Friday. Thankfully, it's a small enough chip that it can be fairly easily fixed with filling techniques, apparently. But yeeess... we're not so big into drunken nights with the family any more. :p


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People often say they will never drink again (and really mean it at the moment they said it) because it's horrible when you've had a bad drunken night. My last one was a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't as disastrous as your friend's story. I just beurked before I even got home. Sign of too much. I don't like when that happens because it means I've lost control - granted when we're a bit tipsy, even when not barfing drunk, we partially lose control.


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I've only had 1 disaster with alcohol and I've been hammered twice. :D The 2nd time was tequila and I was kinda dancing around and tripped on my own feet. I crashed into a friend of mine and he crashed down and smashed the bottle. It made so much noise we got caught. :( Anyway, I got really sick after that and I'm never gonna try drinking that again.


Sultan of Swat
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Honestly, I can't really tell you one story since there's so many.

I guess one of them I can tell you(which a few people here already know about) is that I was at a keg party. The beer was going down so easily. I kept filling my mug and five minutes go by and filled it up again, that's how easy it was going down. Well, around 1am or so I apparently went in the house and instead of puking in the toilet, I puked in a drawer full of clothes(it wasn't at my house). I was told the next morning, my buddy was okay with it, but his girlfriend was pissed. That was the only time I ever done that.

Another one is that I was coming home from the bar after a heavy night of drinking, and the stairs to my door are made of solid concrete. So, I fall chin first before opening the door and bust my chin wide open, didn't feel a thing when it happened. Next morning I wake up, and I look at it, and I couldn't believe it. It wasn't a pretty, but didn't take all that long to heal.

I could sit here for hours telling you more, lol.


Better Call Saul
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I don't have that many awesome stories haha. I have a lot I could tell about other people though!

I do remember the one time where I cut my hand on a beer bottle and bled all over the place at the bar and then later that night I puked in a girl's toilet who I had just met that day and she let me pass out in her bed. (Alone, mind you, haha) I felt bad because she slept out on the couch.

Oh and when I was walking to the car the next morning I puked three more times.

Oh I guess I did puke in front of mom after a night of drinking that one time. That was embarrassing to say the least.


Where is my Queen?
Man, I have a bunch of them. I made a blog for one of them. I got drunk and wasted and while I was going to bed, I try to perform a moosault onto the bed, but instead of landing on the bed, I landed on one of those oscalating fans and dislocated my elbow. Had to go the ER and got x rays, and they refused to give me pain killers because I was wasted. lol.

The most recent one was during my friend's wedding day. We got hammered the night before while we were setting up the reception and shit like that. We were drinking a ton of whiskey when we were doing this. After everything was prepared for his big day, his Dad took us to the bar and bought us a shitload of Whiskey Sours. We drank and drank and drank, and me and my friend got tore up, while his Dad was still nursing his one and only whiskey. We get back to the house and started drinking it up again. We wake up around 7am during the morning of his wedding day by his parents. Apparantely we passed out on the couch, and his Dad said naptime is over time to get ready. I asked my friend when did we pass out and his Dad said he still heard us being loud at 6:15am. No wonder I was still wasted at the time. I took a shower and the limo picks us and the groomsmen up. We go to this place where there is a bunch of cactuses and my friend gently pushed me, but I lost my balance and fell into the cactus. It hurt like a mofo. When we arrived at the church, I went into the bathroom to pull out the rest of the needles that were still stuck to my leg. I walked down the aisle with a limp, I was in so much pain, and my friend that was getting married was just smirking and smiling. When walking back up the aisle after the ceremony him and his wife were laughing so hard that they couldn't stop making fun of me limping. It was horrible for me, but hey, it was there wedding so they can enjoy whatever. The pain finally recided during the reception thankfully. Pretty horrible experience. haha.


rainbow 11!
I only have two stories. One was the night on cam when I threw up. But that isn't too bad.

The other was when I was thirteen or fourteen? I was in Athens, Greece and it was our last night. We had to be at the airport at three or four AM so everyone was going to stay up. One of the senior's on the trip was cool and let me have some ouzo, which over there contains opium. I chugged it straight without a mixer. I knew what I was doing, but I was so desperate to impress the cool kids because I was the only freshman and I didn't know anyone.

Needless to say, I blacked out. The last thing I remember is everyone going up to the pool and then we went down. That was it. Then my memory picks back up in an airport in Germany.

The guy was cool, but what bothered me was that he REFUSED to tell the teacher what I had and how much I had, so she didn't know if I needed to be taken to the hospital.

Mama G was the best teacher ever.


yellow 4!
I'm happy to say that each year the number of disaster stories I have goes down. Too many from teen years, blah.

Probably one of the worst was the first time my mum saw me come home really bad. I was with a friend, we'd been drinking on a golf course with a bunch of people (and I threw up out the window on the way home whilst driving through the town lol, another friend also did out of the opposite window :lol: oh dear...) had to stop at a takeaway shop near my house so she could clean my FACE up with my sock before going home hahaha. Then my mum answered the door and I stumbled upstairs without saying a word, locked myself in the bathroom, fell over and hit my head on the sink, was knocked out for an hour or 2. My parents and friend were so worried because I couldn't open the door. Stopping this story before it gets too long.

Actually I'm even more embarrassed about a disaster time just a few years ago when I got really really drunk at my grandparents golden wedding anniversary. I didn't mean to at all, my cousin kept giving me strong drinks and I was fine until it suddenly just hit me. I can't give details because I don't really remember anything, but I did end up breaking things and swearing at people apparently, including some of the older relatives..... it's even worse because I'm never usually too loud with my family. They still make fun of me for that to this day.

I think when I woke up the next morning, it's the worst I've ever felt (not hungover, just embarrassed). I couldn't remember anything from about 9pm onwards, I was in my PJs, my mum had had to shower me and dress me, and my dad had slept on my floor in case I threw up again in the night.