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Drunk when ordering executions (N. Korea)


Well-Known Member
North Korea's Kim Jong Un reportedly 'very drunk' when ordering executions | Fox News

Kim Jong Un was apparently drunk when he recently ordered the execution of two aides.

This is so screwed up. You can't even be in your right frame of mind (albeit, Kim Jong Un likely isn't ever in a right state of mind) when you're deciding whether people live or die? These people that were executed probably didn't even do anything wrong.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. This guy is evil and I truly believe that some measure must be taken to stop this country. Some would say it's not our place but aren't tons of countries in agreement that N. Korea is simply evil?

Maybe it's not that simple, but do we really just let this continue? When does it stop?


Free Spirit
Staff member
There's no doubt in my mind that Un is mentally unbalanced. You would have to be to have done some of the things he has. The only thing wrong these people he had executed did was not agree with him.

I do think something should be done about him, but what. If you just take him out then the next one in line will more than likely be just as crazy. I'm not sure you will get the support of the people either if we tried to forcibly go in they are so brainwashed. Not to mention China is their ally. This is a very sticky situation. If he gets nuclear weapons we are all screwed. China, not to mention Russia, should think about that. He also has some sort of technology agreement with Iran.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I wish something like this surprised me but it doesn't. As others have said, the dude is nuts.

The fact China is their ally always makes me nervous about ever doing anything military wise to the North Koreans. But its a crap country and is good for nothing.