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  1. pro2A

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    What is your best drunk story?

    The best one I can think of is my last b-day. My buddy took me out to the bar. We had dinner before hand; at this point I had about 4 beers in me. So I was feeling it a little bit.

    Well my wife (fiancé at the time) takes us to the bar and we proceed to drink beer and do shots all night. At one point I looked down and there were three shots in front of me… he kept buying me drinks… Sometime around 11:30 I said to myself was done, and I knew this by attempting to get up and go to the bathroom. Key word: Attempt.

    It’s illegal to act drunk in a bar in PA… we were asked to leave at this point.

    We managed to get home somehow... really don't recall how. My buddy went home and I went home.

    Well the next morning, on my b-day I woke up half naked on the living room floor, covered in paint and puke. I never figured out where the paint came from. Well I went outside to find smashed eggs in the yard and paint foot prints all over the deck.

  2. Iris

    Iris rainbow 11!

    Well. I take Latin, and during my freshman year I coerced my parents into letting me go on the trip to Europe. We went to Italy and Greece and it was a BLAST.

    Well, it was the last night and we were in Athens, Greece. A bunch of boys had gotten a hold of some Ouzo and I asked to have some. Soooo... In within the hour I have about 5 shots since I'm like GULPING the shit from the bottle.


    Well, I eventually black out and apparently my teacher came in and I started to throw up. Soooooo she caught me. <.<; I don't really start to remember until we were in the airport waiting on our flight. I was laying on the ground. >.>

  3. njbroncsfan

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    Past 2 weekends my friends and I had awesome times...I'm still 15 so I don't have any awesome stories yet....

    1st weekend: saturday...few of us go to the mall to hang out for a little, get a call, go to this girls house....60 beers for like 10 people not all of which drank.....i won in beer pong and later that night me and one of the girls there had some fun in the host girls bedroom =)

    This past weekend: saturday again....pregame for a sweet 16 that night...6 shots of bourbon and whiskey....awesome party....sleep at a friends house afterwards....48 beers for 8 people....one of the kids older brothers who is also our baseball coach got them for us lol.....didn't fish them all so me and 1 of the other kids had to drink the remaining 12 in the morning...slept from 4-9...mickey d's for breakfast....drank final 12 before going to a baseball dinner later that day
  4. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    A couple years ago I had a low tolerance still since I hadnt drank much. This is my first real drunk story.

    Well i wanted to get a group together I was drinking and hungry. Wanted to go to Denny's well apparently I offered to pay for everyone who went the bill came to be over 50 bucks most of the people who went paid me back but still a couple of my friends love to remind me of that night.

    Also some girl yelled at me for tearing down a poster they made to decorate the dorm halls (for halloween) earlier before going to denny's.

    I was pissed called her a bitch. Well one of the people who went to denny's with us, Will was friends with her and grabbed his cell phone and had me leave a message on the phone. I didnt remember much of what I said but a buddy of mine recorded what I said on will's phone. It didnt help that my friends were instigating me into get mad about something trivial...

    So my message said

    "Hey Angela you stupid bitch, ya probably can't hear this message because you have too much dick in your ear. Give me a call back after you finished making all those guys cum."

    Although that may be mild to most I tend to not do many stupid things when I drink heavily...I usually just can't walk.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    Here's probably my best drunk story of so many.

    I went to the Genesis concert a few weeks back and before the concert started me and my buds were pre-drinking in the hotel room at the Country Inn. I had 6 vodka Rockstars in like 3-4 hours. Then at the concert I got a pint of beer. After the concert we went to a bar and I was drinking 3 rum and cokes at a time and had like 9 in a hours. I was pissed drunk.

    Anyways I was really drunk so I just wanted to leave and go to the hotel so I can pass out. Me and my buds were walking down the strip and I saw a hotel and just went to it. But it was definitly the wrong hotel. But I 'didn't realize that and went inside anyways. For about 2 hours I was trying to convince the reception people I was at the right hotel by showing them my keys to the room, and showing them the receipt of the bill,. But they kept telling me I wasn't. They even drew me a map to the right hotel.

    I finnaly left the hotel because I had to go puke, and I was smart enough to not do it inside. So I went to a bush in the Parking Lot and puked in there...but I ended up puking all over myself, and I most likely passed out in a bush for an hour and half. Because my pants and shirt was full of puke and dirt. By the way everytime I puke I take off my glasses so I don't get the back splash. Being drunk like I was I just left my glasses on the curb and lost them.

    Then I went back to the hotel because I was getting cold. At 5am I called my best friend to come get me in the lobby. Five minutes later he calls me up and said I wasn't there, and told me I was at the wrong hotel. I finnaly realized 4 hours later that I wasn't at the country inn I was at the Holiday Inn. So I took a cab to the right hotel and got to my room around 5:45am.
  6. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    Thats hilarious. I was laughing while reading that one. LOL
  7. tipsycatlover

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    I broke up with my boyfriend and it was a very nasty breakup. Really horrible. I decided to go someplace and have a drink. I was so depressed, I went to the ladies room to cry. I was really young. I was crying when this woman came up to me and said she was celebrating her horse's birthday. She said she'd buy me a drink. That drink turned into several. After awhile she just sort of disappeared and every body was buying me drinks. I got very drunk and realized I couldn't drive home. I was still there when the bar closed. There were two guys left and me. I asked the bartender for some coffee. The two guys said to give me another drink which the bartender did. I started to panic. I guess I wasn't that drunk. I told him that since he knew I was drunk it was illegal for him to serve me alcohol and again asked for coffee. The two guys were getting irate at the bartender and starting to fight with him over whether I should have coffee or scotch. Finally the bartender offered to call someone to drive me home. I could not think of a single person. The only person who might be persuaded to give me a ride was my ex-husband. Bless him, he did show up in his pyjamas with his girlfriend in her nightgown. The two guys started to fight with my ex claiming they were going to take me home. that didn't go far when they saw the size of my ex. I ended up at the hospital suffering from acohol poisoning. To this day I cannot dring hard liquor. That bout of alcohol poisoning did me in.
  8. StroShow

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    Here's a good but short story.

    I was at a bar dancing with some friends, and I really had to go pee. So I decided to go to the washroom. When I get there all the stalls and urinals were full. I was very impatient and I really had to go. So I go back to the dance floor and tell my friend I really had to go pee, and she was like then go. But I said to her I'll pee right here. So I pulled it out and I was about to pee right on her. She kinda screamed and right before I was going to pee on hereone of my best buds told me to pull it back in so I did. But he was laughing so hard at the same time.

    I was very luck that the boncers didn't see me, because I would of gotten a serious ass kicking.
  9. Vidic15

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    One night, I was at this massive party, and the toilet was like fucking locked, and I couldn't wait to go, so I went outside, and since I was like drunk, I thought it was a tree, so, I whipped it out and started pissing on the 'tree' and I don't know what happened after that, then I woke up at my mate's place and he was like "Dude, how could you piss all over Bec's dad?" and I was like "I didn't piss all over him, I pissed behind a tree" and he cracked laughing.
  10. MasterChad

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    I went over to my friends house,
    Got wasted as F*CK and I was watching finding nemo
    o_O I was babysitting too
    Well not really cause there uncle was... any way, i crashed on the couch
    Parents woke me up and i mean i still felt the buzz and when I walked to the door,
    I fell :(

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