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Drunk driving defended


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Whilst I appreciate that small businesses may be suffering due to the way the economy is and that people might not be able to make it to bars I really don't see how allowing people to drink and drive to be a good thing. I notice they don't mention in the video or article just how much they consider to be a suitable amount to be punished but the problem I feel is that people may take the attitude of "give them an inch they will take a mile", will we allow people who have been smoking pot to do the same?


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I couldn't tell what specific law he was referring to, but I can't see why open container laws exist and consider that 'nanny-state'. What's the difference between drinking 3 beers in a bar and driving below the limit and drinking 2 beers in a bar, one on the road and being below the limit? That's really the only DUI law I know of that I disagree with though.