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Drunk attempt's to ride crocodile


aka ginger warlock
And I thought I did daft things when I was drunk:

Australian drunk survives attempt to ride crocodile

A drunk man who climbed into a crocodile enclosure in Australia and attempted to ride a 5m (16ft) long crocodile has survived his encounter.

The crocodile, called Fatso, bit the 36-year-old man's leg, tearing chunks of flesh from him as he straddled the reptile.

He received surgery to serious wounds to his leg and is recovering in hospital, police say.

He had been chucked out of a pub in the town of Broome for being too drunk.

The man, Michael Newman, climbed over a fence and tried to sit on the 800kg (1,800lb) saltwater crocodile.
Really? He was THAT drunk that he thought this was a good idea?! I am glad he survived but what a prat! I just hope the Crocodile does not get put down for this.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Wow what a stupid thing to do. I would pass out long before I got drunk enough to do that. Glad it didn't kill him.