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Discussion in 'The Bathroom Wall' started by Corona, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Corona

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    What are some funny or stupid things you have done while under the influence of alcohol?

    I'll start. I was drunk once, and I decided it was time to crash. I ended up turning on the TV and on Spike I caught the end of Braveheart. I burst into tears when they quartered him. For like 5 minutes I cryed. Then I fell asleep.

  2. Iris

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    This is both stupid/funny.

    I got drunk in Greece last summer and blacked out. Well, my teacher caught me after I had blacked out and took care of me. While still in the hotel, she had me identify a few people in the room. She pointed at my room mate Sarah and I said her name. She pointed at me room mate Tia and I said Ms. McNeal. >.< (Ms. McNeal is like 48 years old... and Tia is like 17.)

    Well. Here comes the more stupid part of this tale. I got caught drinking in Greece on a school trip. With my teacher......... >.< I don't remember much after going up on the roof to see the acroplis. I just remember going down to the room with everyone else and then.... nothing. Well, I remember some voices. o_O Like people telling me to wake up. But that's about it until we got to the airport. I start to remember again once we got through security.
  3. Corona

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    Haha that reminds me of a guy I know. He went on the annual big school field trip, and it just happened to be to China that year. He ended up buying some cheap rice wine from some old chinese lady and getting incredibly drunk. Then he got caught and had to go to the hospital and get his stomach pumped. He was fine, but damn that must have been embarassing.
  4. patkick

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    Dude what school do you go to? :scared: Field trips to China?

    Man, I went to France once with my schools European student exchange program. I got to live in Rennes for 10 days at someones house. And that guy went to live in my house for 10 days.

    Anyway I got really drunk once in France. I just shouted ou est ma voiture? And did some crazy shit. Some said I kissed a girl, smoked a blunt. Because I was high, I laughed because I saw some glass in the subway.

    Then another time, I pissed off my classmate by saying that he was gay. He had a feminine looking scarf.
  5. Blur

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    Drank a whole bottle of Windex to pass a breathalizer...blew a .2 and got arrested...sucked ass

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