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Drunk 4yo in drag steals Xmas presents


rainbow 11!
Now I don't feel bad for laughing. That is not something you hear everyday.


Ms. Malone
Poor little kid just wants his dad. I'm glad social services didn't take him from his mother - that's such a horrible thing to happen before x-mas.


yellow 4!
Is it just me or are 'protagonists' in news stories getting younger by the... news story. :shifteyes:

That's sweet about him wanting to be in jail with his dad, well, sweet in a screwed up way.


No Custom Title Exists
Lawl and now Grinch is being a bad role model.


Do What Thou Wilt
After reading that, I found it really fucking funny. What I found more funny was this reply
Dad's in jail. Mom's a mindless cow. Grandpa keeps his beer in a cooler out back where he hides from grandma. And little Hayden is practicing for the next generation's first fad...

Boyish-band gangsta rap.

Yo I was just a lil boy of fo'
when I stole my first beer and started dressin like a ho.
Dint have no Christmas cuz daddy was locked up.
He caught a beef wit da law for smackin my moms up.
So I sneaked out da hizzy and crept down da street
stealin everythin from everyone that I meet.
A sheisty little badazz hillbilly mofo,
cuz that's the kinda family that I come from yo.
Daddy sent da chile support so my moms has got some weed
She'll sell ya any kinda pill you might ever need
I'm tellin ya homie I gots a checkered past
If ya meet my moms she'll try to sell ya some azz

This little schitt will be accepting a trophy on a stage in Hollyweird in ten years. Kid Rock and Lil Wayne will present it to him.


Registered Member
Haha I don't even care that I laughed, this is one of the funniest things I've heard lately. A 4-year old running around in a dress..


Yeah, the dress is really what made the whole thing hilarious. It is a shame that people that are such bad examples can still have children. I don't blame the mom, it seems like she's done about everything she can to try to keep the child under control. Well I do blame her for getting knocked up at 17 by some loser that it had to be evident would soon be in prison. I'm sure she's just an idiot.

That's definitely the first I've ever heard of a 4 year old wanting to go to jail, but the whole story isn't nearly as bad as the story that was in the news a couple of years ago about some moron coaching his 5 and 2 year old nephews into smoking a blunt.