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New Member
How many different types of drugs has everyone on this forum taken?

A reckon the vast majority of people on here who's birthday is between 1975 to present day have at least taken 3 types seems to be the in thing these days.:)


Sally Twit
I can happily say I am not part of the 'in thing'! I haven't taken any drugs ever and don't plan on changing that any time soon. Maybe one day in the future I would try weed but it wouldn't bother me if I never did.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Marijuana and that's it.

I really didn't expect myself to even try that but college is college, right? haha

I won't be trying any other drugs either...


I've only done a few. Alcohol, pots & some pills. I've been around a lot of people that sell/do the harder drugs & that was just never my thing. I have a bad ticker, coke would murder me. Haha.


None really, I'm the type of person who WILL get addicted to something so I've always been too scared to try. I had a surgery a few years ago and was on a strong oxycodine drug called endone. I basically got addicted to that. I kept having it way past the time that I was supposed to stop, and I wanted it all the time. If that was any indication then I think it's safe to say I should stay away from drugs. I had a hard time when I stopped taking endone.

In High School all my friends did pot. In fact one of the guys in my group was the biggest seller of pot at my school, so it would have been very easy for me to do some if I wanted to, but I just never felt the need. And none of my friends ever pressured me into it. Even though they did it they knew that if I didn't want to then that's fine, so I didn't.


Registered Member
I'm a shameless tobacco addict, but I've never done anything any worse than that. I've been around people who were taking a time or two, but I've never really been tempted. I used to work in a bar which got a group of druggies in now and then -- the landlord didn't always seem especially bothered, though he did WD40 the toilet seats and cisterns so in theory they couldn't snort off them. Didn't kick them out, though. A few shifts of watching those idiots was enough to put me off, if I hadn't been decided enough already.


Registered Member
Illegal ones? Zero.

Legal ones? I dunno: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Allegra, Benedryl... probably several others I can't think of :dunno:


Where is my Queen?
I have smoked weed, taken pcp whatever that is, and of course alcohol. I used to buy weed at a pound at a time and that would usually last me between 3 to 4 weeks if I smoked with friends. I started buying my own beer at Hooters when I was 19 because I knew the waitress. The pcp thing was an accident and was not aware that I took it until the following week when my friends told me about it. I don't know if you can smoke it or what but I must have of been blasted man because I don't remember.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I've smoked cigs and marijuana and taken alcohol. That's the extent of my adventure in that area.
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