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Drugs in Wrestling (Sports Entertainment)


aka ginger warlock
As many will know who watch TNA or have seen the post on here Jeff made shall we say, a error in judgment if what you see is what you believe. But how far should a company go? How far should a punishment be drawn?

I remember in an interview on WrestleCast they had John Cena on as a guest, the majority of it annoyed me but one thing he said stood out for me and that was drugs, he essentially said "if someone gets caught with these things they should be handed over to the police, thats what happens in the real world". I have always been open minded about this subject. I am not someone who does drugs simply because I am worried what they would do to my head and body but part of me thinks "if I did what they did on the schedule they pull on WWE I might want something to zone out for a while and forget about the bruises and the damage I am inflicting to my body", where do you think the line should be drawn? This is not a professional sport after all where if someone uses performance enhancing drugs they are getting the leg up on someone like in the Olympics but should it be one of those things that are just accepted? I am pretty certain if I turned up cained to work I would be asked what I was doing and have it suggested I go home and sleep it off, I imagine in some jobs there might be a one and only chance policy.
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