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Drugs in Sports


aka ginger warlock
Lance Armstrong will likely be remember for the fact not that he is a good cyclist but the fact that he cheated the cycling world by doping and taking drugs, I don't know the real reasons he did it, no-one does, we can speculate but the only person who will ever know is Lance himself.

I once heard in an interview with John Cena, in the interview he was very damning about people who use drugs in sport, his view on it is simply that if you get caught you should serve jail time in the same way that if someone off the streets was caught they would face the same.

I know many don't see the WWE as a sport but it is and always has been under very high scrutiny for drugs in its wrestlers and they have been known to suspend people under their wellness policies and have offered their wrestlers help and at least they are willing to do it.

As a person who consumes different kinds of drugs I can appreciate why people may wish to do them to either get the body they want or to be able for longer, it doesn't make it right but I understand it.

What is your take on it? Should sports persons be treated differently to how they are? Are things as strict as they should be?