Drug Raid

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Iris, Jun 20, 2009.

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    My friends lived on one of the 'dodgier' streets in town, and whenever i'd go up to visit there would guaranteed be at least one cop up there for something or other. One day I went to visit, the neighbours were being raided, and we sat up on the fence and watched. You'd think the cops would be a little nicer about how they go about it, they just throw shit everywhere. It was pretty funny to watch, but i'd hate for it to happen to me...Not that it would :shifteyes:
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    Yeah one of my friends from high school actually had his house raided and apparently he was growing weed, and had over 7 pounds of it in his house. Not good for him, not at all.
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    A place my brother was living in got raided. He told me about how they just throw stuff around. Stomp all over everything and just throw cupboards down and stuff like that. Looking for anything basically. It is insane how much damage they do. And it especially sucks if you didn't actually have any drugs or anything growing.
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    That's a little ridiculous since chances are the plants were for personal use or sale to a few people. I don't know about the laws where she was but here in the US (ohio), you don't get any prison time until you have over 99 plants.

    I haven't seen raid but I stopped by my dude's house during one on accident. They took 16 pieces of paraphernalia (10 of which were bongs and pipes), and somehow they lacked the evidence that it was his stuff and the charges ended up getting dropped. They didn't actually find any drugs (Surprisingly), and he still has the newspaper clipping where they published this "big bust" as they called it.

    Silly police.
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    I love to read about idiots not being smart about doing drugs (not that doing drugs is smart to begin with) and being careful about it. Some just have bad luck. Once a year drug dogs come to our school and sniff out lockers and cars for weed and such. A few people got called out of my class for weed this year. Made for some good gossip for those who feed off that kind of thing.
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    I never seen a drug raid, but I hear some crazy stories sometimes. People having three million worth of drugs and such. It's just crazy. We've also had cops come into our classes during high school with a dog sniffing people's bag to see if they had any drugs in their bags.
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    My aunts house was raided once, they were looking for weed that my cousin may have been selling; they didn't find anything though.
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    We were visiting a friend one night at the hospital on the way there, we seen a whole bunch of cops going down this one street. Since it was a bad area, we figured someone got shot or something. When we left the hospital, again cops going down the street again. Then we realized that they were having a sting operation and just arresting drug buyers. We drove down the street and there were people in handcuffs and the car was being searched.
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