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Dropping Auto Collision Coverage


Registered Member
I have always heard that when your vehicle gets under a certain blue book value, it is smart to drop collision coverage because it ends up costing more in premiums to maintain then it will pay out in the event of an accident. My truck is a seventeen-year-old truck that is a real clunker and does not have a very high blue book value ($2500). I have a $750 deductible and collision costs me about $450 a year. While it doesn't make a huge difference in my policy, if I am paying for something I do not need and cannot really benefit from, is it worth it?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have a truck worth about that much and we don't have collision on it. Which we don't drive it very much. I don't think many people have collision on older vehicles.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I don’t have it anymore either and my insurance is pretty cheap as a result. For me it is worth the gamble because my car isn’t super nice anyway.