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Anyone else have it??
Do you like it?? :lol:
I am having the damnedest time with the touch screen portion, the fucking thing just wants to whiz the hell away from me!
I have no problem with texting, I slide out the keypad and work my fingers...and while I admit, the touch screen makes it look easy, but when it scrolls about 2 miles beyond where I wanted to stop, it gets rather annoying. Anyone have any tips on how to use the touch screen a little easier??
My son can use that scroll without a glitch, and stop in a second..me....I'm cussing when I shouldn't be cussing :sigh:


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I would suggest checking out the Verizon Droid forum. They can show you loads of tips and tricks to improve the speed of your Droid as well as its customization to fit you. I have had the Droid II since September and I love it like it's my child. But that affection only grew after I learned how to use it properly. Knowing is half the battle.;)


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Thank you Steg. One time, I wiped out all my stuff! I had to go back to Verizon and let them restore stuff I had lost, it's been a battle. Hopefully I'll get the swing of it-soon!