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Driving The Big Rigs


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Can anyone here drive a semi-truck? With or without the trailor? Eighteen wheelers we call them here, and I just can't imagine attempting to drive one. I have dated 2 gents who have been semi drivers. One was a long distance driver, the other was local. I rode with them on a few occasions and one guy even tried to get me behind that wheel! I might could get it into drive and go a little, but backing up?!?!?!?!??! Ohmigosh, I don't think so :lol:


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I could never drive one of those, lol...I'd definitely fail.

I've never been into one, either.

There are a lot of Big Rig drivers in the U.S. that are pretty dangerous drivers, but other than that portion of the group I really respect the hard work and time away from families that they put in.


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@ Unity, I admire those that are dedicated and drive accordingly. But this one guy I know, he gets pissed at little car drivers and blares his damn horn at'em to scare the piss outta them. He says he likes the feeling of being in the big truck because he says he feels a lot of folks fear the big trucks. I get a little ticked at them sometimes, the semi drivers, because some of them think they do own the roads. I don't like riding in them much. But most of them have their little 'bedrooms' fixed up in the back of the cab, some are pretty nice :)


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My boyfriend is a truck driver, he used to do long distance but now he's local.


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I know lots of people that drive them and work around trucker all day...from the looks of some of them it can't be too hard hahaha

and I have been in many truck myself


Better Call Saul
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I have never attempted this and I don't think that I ever will to be honest. I just think it would be extremely hard and extremely annoying to drive one of those. I commend those who do it because I don't think that's something I could do. Can you imagine backing out and getting through tight spaces?

No thanks!