Driving Songs


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Music is a sure helper when driving and so let's toss out good songs for driving.

Freebird - Lynard Skynyrd


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I don't have a specific driving song. When I go on long car trips, I end up picking 3 of my CDs, different moods. Alanis when I want to sing along, my mixed techno/dance CD when I want to just be awake and be jolly during the trip, and a rock CD for in between (rocking and singing).
I have a cd with my favourite songs, but Cold Play - Speed of Sound, is first on it. It's a good to sing along with when a taxi swerves infront of you.


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When I'm doing long road trips I like to throw on some Grateful Dead live albums. I can listen to them for hours while I'm driving on highways. Otherwise I just play whatever I'm in the mood for.


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I just like to listen to anything loud, or something I can sing along to. Like Breaking Benjamin is good to listen to when you are driving, although that kind of music makes me drive fast. :D


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Queen Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2, can never go wrong on the road without this band playing in the car. It's a great family sing along and also just awesome to rock out to.



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Charlie Daniels Band - Stroker Ace
Moby - Flower
Apollo Four Forty - Stop The Rock
BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down
The Crystal Method - P-O-D- - Boom (The Crystal Method Remix)


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I just put on my favorite radio station and listen to them, I use to put in CD's but I dont do much of that anymore. It's very rare that the station I listen to will play a song that I dislike, which is why I leave it on that station all the time.