Driving Permit



I'm close to 16, so I'll finally be able to get a permit in NY. My question is, what kind of trouble can you get into, if you drive alone with a Liceansed driver? Would they give you a ticket, or would you they take away your permit?


For a Free Scotland
Most likely both. They may put you on probation and delay your ability to get your license, and you'd get a ticket as well.


A Darker Knight
I'm not sure. maybe they will put the blame on the liscensed driver for not taking responsibility.

or they'll fine the owner of the car, which probably isn't you


Ms. Malone
I don't see the fuss in driving with a licensed driver. In England, when you get your provisional (or permit) you can drive a car as long as it's not on the motorway and you have someone who has had a license for 3 years with you.

You Americans are way too fussy.


A Darker Knight
I'm guessing motorway is like a highway??

Here in Texas, all we need is our permit and someone who has their liscense and is 21+ years old. Then we can drive anywhere.