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Drinking in College


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Here in the UK the normal age to go to University is 18. This is either done by going to College at 16 or sixthfrom at the same age (within the UK Univeristy and College are two different things). From what I can see in the US students go to University at at 18.

The reason I bring this is up is that in many tv shows I have seen and in films Frats etc have "keggers" and there are college bars that students can go to. Clearly if these things do happen for many of them it is illigal. I am not wishing to put a downer on anyones fun but it is true.

So my question to our US members is how much is this a reality? When you were in College did these things occour and if they did how did people go about getting beer etc? How often did these occour?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Yeah it's pretty common here in the U.S. - I definitely did drink in college and went to my share of keg parties. Kids know how to find ways to get alcohol at that age haha. It was a fun time of my life - I did go to parties and drink a decent amount, but I'd say not every single weekend.


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Yeah, the culture in North America is very different from the UK when it comes to alcohol and partying. Kids are very creative when it comes to finding alcohol even if they're underage ;)


Sultan of Swat
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And, it's not really surprising when it comes to underage drinking.

A lot of college students partied because it was an escape route from their studies.