drinking games


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we have a game...it doesnt have a name but its awesome fun...

A shuffled deck is sat in the middle of the table and people take turns in flipping one over and each type of card has an assigned game, for example...

All aces mean you're the bar bitch: you have to do anything anyone tells you

A red 3: you drink 3 times

A black 3: deal 3 drinks out to other players

A 7: thumbs - last person to put their thumb on the table has to skull

A 9: a tongue twister - say something like "red leather blue leather yellow leather" 3 times fast.

And so on...you can make up your own games for the assigned cards....

Played it heaps...best fun i've had drinkin...
Me and my friends play a game similar to this only we spread all the cards out on a table...We call it scatter


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I really don't like playing drinking games, I just like to drink and hang out. Really the only game my friends and I play is of course beer pong. Though last time I drank with my buds we played this game called Kings, where everyone takes turns taking a card from the deck and if you get a King you have to pour a cup of beer, and whoever gets the last King has to drink all four cups. I didn't like it :p


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We tried this during my vacation. It's a variation of the yablon/red dog game. Each is dealt two cards (face up). For the third card, if it ranks in between your first two cards, then you can pick anyone from the group to drink. If it's outside the range of your first two cards, then you drink. If your two cards happen to be a pair or consecutive (no in between possibility), everyone in the group drinks. Fast drunkenness guaranteed.


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We usually play California Kings. I don't know if that's the same as Kings.
But it's basically like this:

You scatter the cards out face down on the floor/table. Everyone sits in a circle around the cards. Whoevers birthday is next picks a card first. Here's what each card means:
Ace is social- everyone takes one drink.

Jack- all the boys take one drink.

Queen- All the girls take one drink.

King- whoever picks the card gets to make a rule. Ex: Anytime someone says a curse word that person has to take 3 drinks.

7 is waterfall- whoever picks up the 7 starts drinking, the person to their left then starts drinking and can't stop drinking until the first person. This continues until everyone in the circle is drinking, and you can't stop drinking until the person before you stops.

8- everyone puts their thumb on the floor. The last person to get their thumb on the floor has to drink.

9 is Rhyme- whoever picks up the card says a sentence and then everyone else has to say a sentence that rhymes with the first one. Ex: Person 1-I love my cat Person 2-Your mom is fat. (I know, I'm ever so clever haha), and so on. If you can't think of a rhyme you have to drink. Note: you can't end a sentence with orange.

10 is category- The person who picks up the card starts a category, and then everyone has to say one thing within that category Ex: Category- Animals. People can answer: Cat, dog, chicken, etc. Be creative. If you can't name something in the category, you drink.

Anything that is not listed above is as follows:
If you pick up a black card with a number from 2-6 you take that number of drinks. Ex: If you pick up a 4 of spades you take 4 drinks.

If you pick up a red card with a number from 2-6 you give out that number of drinks. You don't have to give them all to one person, you can split them up. Ex: I pick up a 3 of hearts. I'm going to take one drink myself, give out one to Nance, and one to ysabel.

The game is over when there are no longer any Kings in the deck. So as soon as the fouth king gets turned over, you stop there.

It's a really awesome game, and it get's everyone quite drunk. It's the most fun with a big group of people though.