drinking games


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hey guys...and gal

what are some awesome drinking games, generally played with cards??

i have heard of captain dickhead...:nod:
but not much else...

if you have any, include the rules....


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Play the 123 pass game. That's hilarious, especially when you're tipsy - the more you make errors....the more you'd have to drink.


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There's Asshole, Uno (for every draw card you get thrown to you you have to take a shot), High Low. We've turned just about every card game out there into a drinking game.


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There's a lot, but the only I really like is called Mexican Fuck up, after a few turns you get really hammered it's awesome. It's also called Kings, if Mexican Fuck up doesn't sound familiar.


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Ring of fire is my favourite, the rules are quite long but it all ends with one unlucky person drinking a mix of evryones drinks.
Put a pint glass on the table with the following cards around it (hence the name RING of fire)

Ace - Make up a rule, with us No swearing seems a good one, because if you break the rule you have to drink.
King - Pour your drink into the glass in the middle (last king means drink the whole thing)
Queen - Alphabet game: Choose a topic, and begin at any letter, a person who can't come up with the next one has to drink. Example: Cars - Ferrari, the next person can't think of a car beginning with G so they have to drink thier drink.
Jack - Everyone drinks.
10 - Question game, with a twist- The person who picked up the 10 asks someone a question, that person must ask someone else a differnt question. No one is allowed to answer a question, and you can't ask the person who asked you. Ask dd question, the person is more likely to lose!

more cards can be added if there are lots of people, such as the word association game, or dares!
I found that game at uni and it a lot of fun!


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best drinking game with cards is 'kings', though i think that may be the same as captain dickhead, maybe just a variation on the rules.

other great drinking games are the 'jammin' and 'roxanne' drinking games. simple enough rules:

jammin: everybody drinks when bob marley says the word 'jammin' in that song.

roxanne: girls drink every time the word "roxanne" is said in that police song, and the guys drink every time "red light" is said.


edit: ah 'ring of fire' is the same as kings aswell. seems to go by alot of names. no swearing is a good rule to make up for ace. we had a good one the last night, everyone had to speak in a foreign accent for the game. was quite entertaining whenever anyone got a phone call :p
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I usually play Circle of Death or Kings

All these games seem to have the same basic rules, just with different cards having the different meanings.

2 rounds does the job


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We have a game called mushroom which involves balancing the cards (Atleast 2 corners of the card have to not be touching the previous card) on the top of a full bottle of some kind of alcohol. The person who knocks the cards off has to skull the bottle. Gets funnier as you get drunker, and always fun for me as i have pretty good co-ordination even when im drinking.
Hi/Low is always a good quick game that never fails to get you drunk. Personally i find Circle of Death a pain in the ass cause i can never remember what the cards mean.


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we have a game...it doesnt have a name but its awesome fun...

A shuffled deck is sat in the middle of the table and people take turns in flipping one over and each type of card has an assigned game, for example...

All aces mean you're the bar bitch: you have to do anything anyone tells you

A red 3: you drink 3 times

A black 3: deal 3 drinks out to other players

A 7: thumbs - last person to put their thumb on the table has to skull

A 9: a tongue twister - say something like "red leather blue leather yellow leather" 3 times fast.

And so on...you can make up your own games for the assigned cards....

Played it heaps...best fun i've had drinkin...