Drinking At Christmas?


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Do any of us celebrate Christmas by getting hammered?

How much do you generally drink during the Christmas period?

I only ever get hammered on Christmas eve and New Year's Eve and this year will be the same.

I don't think I drink a great deal more at Christmas than any other time of the year. The only difference would be gulping wine all day at home which is something I don't really do normally.


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I don't think Christmas is about drinking, But i do know people use Christmas as a excuse to drink more. Including me. I'm not a big drinker but have drunk when i normally don't. I wouldn't drink to the state of hammered. Had a few last night and intend having a few more this evening.


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I got hammered Christmas eve,but apart from a drink with my old man today i wont be drinking at all until new years and even then it will be a couple.

The ex and myself made an agreement,i got Christmas eve where she watched the nippers and i would watch them on new years while she has a good drink.


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I never drank on Christmas. The only holiday I ever kind of drank on was Thanksgiving a few years ago and it doesn't really count.


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Can't say as I usually get drunk on xmas but I need something to deal with my family even though I'm only there for a short period of time because they'll make anybody feel like crap.


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no, i dont drink at christmas, i feel it kinda spoils it if you get drunk. i think christmas is better celebrated sober... i had one bottle of WKD on christmas eve and that is all that i have drank over the christmas period

new years i guess ill have a few


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I drank on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day. :lol: 3 of the 4 times I was drunk enough to start calling people.


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I didn't really drink an awful lot this Christmas. I just had a few glasses of Bucks Fizz and that was all! I usually spend all of Christmas day with a drink in my hand but I didn't do that this year for some reason.