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first off, hi to everyone. my first thread so im pumped.

What are everyone's thoughts on the drinking age? My own opinion, even though I'm well over 21 is that it's bull. I wouldn't be against a BAC restriction against people under 21 (or 18 if ur not in US) because I think it is stupid to get drunk and it brings out the worst in people. However, I don't think it is a terrible sin to have a beer or wine with friends. personally, i just like the taste of some alcoholic beverages and i never get close to being drunk at all. Also, why is it ok for a government to send someone off to war in a draft if they don't think they are responsible enough to have a few drinks?

In short, I would have restrictions on BAC under 18.

I just pose this question because I think that it isn't talked enough among people who are of drinking age. We tend to forget about the stupidity of such a law when it no longer applies to us...

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I'd say the drinking age in America is OK. I think the age at which you can be sent to war should be raised to 21 though.. most people that are 18 don't even know what they want to do in life but I'm sure death isn't in their immediate horizon, besides... War is a mans job, an adult just Isn't enough.

I'm glad I drank heavily at a young age... When you make bad judgments as an adult the penalty is much harder, I have now learned my lesson before prison is an option.