Dressing up your pets


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Do you like to dress up your pets?

Recently I went to a pet store to get my dog's nail trimmed and after my dog his nails trimmed, we walked around and I saw some dog sweaters. I saw a green sweater with a hood on it. I was like man, my dog would look sweet in this so I put the hoodie on him and he looked kind of gangsta. lol. I bought the hoodie and took it home and had to modify it. I had to cut part of the sleeve off since my dog has short legs.



yeah i find it really cute to dress up a dog. :D
he needs to feel comfortable especially when it's cold. so yeah! it'll look like a baby!! haha



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There's a whole isle at the pet store which has clothes for cats and dog in it; i try to avoid it like the plague, i don't see the appeal in dressing up your animal.

When we had our Staff' he didn't have a regular collar, just the choke chain on the lead, and i got a free bandanna with a teen mag i used to read - i didn't like the bandanna all that much so i put it on the Staff and i only did it because he used to have one before and looked awesome. That's where i draw the line with dressing animals up.
I would only do so if it was an outdoorish animal (or one that needed to go for walks, like a dog) and cold outside. I might put a coat on it so it's not uncomfortably freezing. A pup I used to walk back at home refused to go outside without his little tartan jacket if it was really cold.

But otherwise, nah. I think it's a bit silly when owners dress their pets up like a fashion accessory. I'm not talking to the extend of, for example, your doggy hoodie, but I mean more excessively.. such as hats and full outfits/skirts for females or whatever.


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I put sweaters on my dog... but thats 'cause she's a sissy when it comes to cold weather. If it werent for the "useful" purpose of the sweaters in warming her up..... I'd be completely against dog clothes. I mean they are dogs for crying out loud :hah:
I work with animals for a living, and I can tell you that they hate being confined in tigh spaces. Dogs need to run and roll around and play, and they feel as if they can't when all clothed up like that. And to be honest? Unless the dog is wearing a coat in the winter, the clothes look stupid. Dogs are animals, and clothes are for humans. It should be kept that way.


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The closest I have ever come to dressing up my cat was when me and my sister put a sock over his head like a hat. Haha, it was hilarious !


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I've never dressed up my pets because my parents never let me.

At christmas I liked to put tinsel on my cats, but it would never stay on lol.

Last christmas I wanted to buy a Santa outfit for my cat, but my parents didn't let me buy it.
I can see why people don't liked doing it.


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I don't think they make clothes for hamsters. I'll have to look into it.

So long as the dog isn't uncomfortable then I'm not too bothered by it. I don't like it when you see the owner with a matching outfit though. That's just creepy.


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Oh no way. My dog would rip it to shreds. Not only that, but he's a very large dog, and it's difficult to find something that would fit him anyway, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I did put bandanas around his neck before, but he also hated those...which is weird, because he loves his collar and can't wait for me to put on either that or his leash. He gets so excited when I get them out.