Dress code violations

I realize that everyone has their own style of dress, something that reflects who they are.
But, every now and then I see something that makes me wonder "what the hell were you thinking this morning?"

I think one of the things that drive me the craziest is a seeing a woman go bra-less when she so obviously needs that little boost. If your breasts are resting on your belly ladies, please don't leave the house until you've shown them the support they so rightly deserve.

Other violations?


Sally Twit
I hate it when I see young girls wearing hot pants. I always wonder why their parents let them go out like that and what goes through the girls minds when they wear them. I'm talking about 13-15 year olds here... I see it weekly and it makes me pray to God that if I have children they don't wear things like that.


Ms. Malone
I'd seena young teenager wearing a skirt that stopped too far above the knee and she was with her parents; me and Andy looked to each other and knew what we were both thinking.

Girls who show as much skin a possible no matter what the weather-and with it being britain, the weather's never nice.
If god wanted us to wear clothes, they wouldn't have made our parts swing and sway in the breeze so gracefully.

I dislike seeing skirts worn to reveal saggy bum cheeks, girls who pull the back of their g string up to their neck and the ripped jeans that were stolen off a tramps hairy legs look. It's more how people wear things that bugs me more than what they're actually wearing. Really, as long as you're not poisoning my eyes by revealing your special parts on the street, I couldn't care less what any one has on.

Oh and girls that dress up as playboy bunnies during daytime shopping trips. What the hell man, what the hell!?