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The thread about dreams! How often do you have them? Do you remember them clearly? Do you read into them or just see them as nonsense?

I love dreams, and i'm always having dreams. I'll usually remember most of the dream clearly. I definitely don't read anything into them though, mostly cus my dreams are complete nonsense.

Had a funny one last night where i dreamed i shaved off my beard. I then looked in the mirror and saw that i was a black guy with model good looks! So i spent the day walking around town with everyone saying "hey, look at the sexy new black ciaran". Ridiculous stuff :p

Feel free to share recent dreams or favourite dreams you've had before!


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I have dreams almost every night in vivid, almost cartoonish colors. Sometimes they're amazing fantasies that lead me on mind boggling adventures, and sometimes they're so boring that I don't even understand why I had a dream in the first place.

Some dreams that really stick out in my mind are, a reoccuring dream where I'm standing in my doorway watching myself sleep all night. Generally when I have one of those dreams, I wake up feeling like I didn't get any sleep at all.

Another dream that really sticks out in my mind is when I was little, I had an almost Wizard of Oz type dream where my dream started out in black and white, then I stepped through a doorway and walked into a world of bright colors. That's the first dream that I can remember that actually started my vividly colored dreams.

I've also had the falling dreams, only I've actually made it to the bottom and seen my body sprayed all over the place. Dreams are crazy things and I feel that almost every dream means something. You just have to focus on the random little details in your dreams.


I have them everynight. I have weird dreams. I do remember the whole or a part of them...it depends.
I happen to dream about what I mostly think about, at night.


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The only time I don't dream is when I'm really tired and if I go to bed really late. I don't read in to them. I have strange dreams most of the time.
I have lots of dreams about spiders. :-|


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I have a dream at least five to six times a week, a lot of times I don't remember every single details of the dream. During the last few months I've had bad/boring dreams.

I haven't had a good dream in a real long time, which sucks because there's nothing better then a good dreaming while your sleeping.


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I usually dream about a so big wave who is going to flood to me like in movies till I can remember me. I 'm afraid about "tsunamis".
Sometimes, when I am in my dream I know it's a dream and I ask the other personns"I 'm dreaming ! "and they say "no!" . I don't care because I'm sure so I can do what I want!!


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I have a few friends that have taken a college level course in Psychology (high school student here. :p). According to them, people often don't remember their dreams clearly, a day or so after they dreamed the dream. It's best to record their dreams in a journal right after waking in order to maintain accuracy.

Some of us may be filling in false information in the gaps where we don't remember part of a dream. However, if the dream is pretty influencing, one might remember it easily as a result. In my case, I dreamed a pretty tragic dream, if I can say so myself, when I was about 10-11. I never really knew what it meant, but now it seems to make a lot of sense.

Interpreting dreams is complete hocum in my opinion because there is no logical or scientific basis on which to determine the accuracy of said interpretation. Even though interpretations seem amazingly accurate (in terms of past events or determining one's characteristics) and may even result with a need to dream more, interpreting dreams is a folly, but "fun." :p

I rarely have dreams. Ever since I was Freshman in high school, I've been having less and less dreams. Probably due to the major increase in sleep deprivation throughout my high school career, but it may also be due partly to the consumption of energy drinks (to keep me awake) during my sophomore year.

My dreams are rare and even rarer are they ever "fun." Typically they are depressing at best, with a twinge of melancholic humor.


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I've been told that we dream nightly, we just don't always remember them.

I remember the dreams once or twice a week. I think they're neat. Sometimes they seem to show that I've had my mind on something/someone quite a bit, and other times I think it's total nonsense! lol
I really don't believe in dream interpretations from those books. I think more often than not dreams are simpler than what we imagine.


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I have dreams most nights; quite vivid ones, too; I can usually wake up in the middle of a dream, go to the bathroom, get back into bed, fall asleep and begin my dream pretty much where I left off.
The thread about dreams! How often do you have them? Do you remember them clearly? Do you read into them or just see them as nonsense?
If I wake up during the night and recall a dream I've just been having, I'll probably have forgotten it by morning if I don't make an effort to remember. Same with when I do actually get up - if I don't pay attention to the dreams I had straight away then they're gone from memory very quickly. I used to write them down but don't bother any more. Always fun to read that old diary though.

I've been told that we dream nightly, we just don't always remember them.
Yeah - everyone dreams every night (under usual circumstance, at least), just some remember them better than others. It also depends which stage of the sleep cycle you are woken up in. I think we only recall as little as 5% of our dreams, on average. Don't quote me on the figure but I'm certain it's a very small percentage. That's one of the reasons I don't bother with interpretations (even though they can be interesting) because there's just so much we forget.

Oh, and my dreams are usually just normal everyday situations. They are pretty boring. :nod:
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