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So, this is the thread where you rant about your dreams. Not dreams about how you think the world should be, but those things you occasionally have while sleeping.

I make this thread more to rant about my own dreams than anything, really. More about one in particular. Last night, I had a very strange dream. It involved World of Warcraft gold and large dogs. I was inside WoW (I've never really played the game) I was doing some quest that involved going into a house that looked like it may have been haunted. Shortly after I go into the house, my quest mates dematerialize, and there's a door. And on the other side of that door is a large dog. Not a dog that is just big, but one who's head is larger than my torso. I didn't know this dog was on the other side of the door untill it smashed its way part way through, and looked me right in the face. It climbs through all the way, opens its mouth to take a bite out of me, and so I plunge my hands into its mouth and take a hold of the bottom jaw.

If you control the bottom jaw of the dog, you control the dog. What my uncle used to say. Anyway, I'm wrestling with it, and somehow it gets behind me, still with my hands holding its jaw. I realize that the only way out of this is to kill it. As it's crushing me, I think of how. I start twisting the jaw in a clockwise motion. I hear a small snap, it goes limp. The only problem is, it's still ontop of me. So I wake up in my bed hunched over like a few hundred pounds are on my back, hands forward like I'm holding onto some dog's jaw for dear life.

The dog was brown.

Any dreams you've had?

Also, a simpler dream was that I was in a room with some guys holding hostages, one of them leaves to take a leak, all the doors and windows go away as he leaves. I smash through where one of the doors was, and that turns into my WoW gold dream which turns into my dog wrestling dream.

Any psychologists/whatever out there who might be able to interpret these? Seriously interesting shit in my humble opinion.


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um...wow. Maybe people would like to give dreams more meaning that they actually have?

I know we like to think that when we have strange dreams, it means something's happening in our lives or some unconscious force at work, but it could just be an exciting day or too much caffeine.

As for me, I've been too tired to dream. I don't think that has to do with anything, but I haven't been getting a good amount of sleep lately so my body's out of whack. I remember last year, when I'd have a routine sleep schedule, I'd have dreams fairly often, usually a few hours before I wake up.


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Eh, I don't think it has some deep meaning, but my history teacher went off on dreams the other day. Found out that I can control them. And decided to make a topic about it.
Also, it was the first one in a year where I woke up doing something physical.
And here it is.

And, any dream where you get to kill a dog that size is awesome enough to share.
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I had a dream about two weeks ago, I found myself in a waiting room (as if in a doctors office). My mother was sitting next to me, and even though it was a dream I understood what my "ailment" was. I was unable to remember exactly half the previous day, it was as if half of my life was lost to me.

For some reason this dream had a very profound affect on me. I can't get it out of my mind, there hasn't been a day yet where it hasn't surfaced in my head. The strangest part of it all is that I find myself wishing it were real, it sounds like a horrible thing to go through, but for some strange reason I kind of want it. And I know it represents some deep stuff.

Now I'm left wondering why I have just gushed this all over a public forum :lick:.


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I can sort of control my dreams, well some of them I can, but when I can't and when I wake up, I end up wondering, damn why didn't I do it like that.


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I don't remember my dreams, and when I do, I don't for long. I'm pretty sure they're pretty boring, though.


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wow your dream was seriously weird, tainted glory...i dont know what that could be interpereted by

i had a werid dream last night that my flat mates were bitching about me...but instead of like saying it they took turns and typed it on a laptop, so on the laptop there was just all these commets about me that my flatmates had said. then for some reason i had another dream that i got shot in the hand and there was like bloody everywhere.........dont know what that was all about...
I usually remember my dreams really well when I first wake up but if I try to remember throughout the day I find it much harder. Lately I have lots of dreams about reading things that people I know have written, and its funny to see what they write in my dreams, and I always semi-consciously think "im gunna try to remember this for when I wake up so I can laugh about it" but I can never actually remember more than a few words.

Last night I had a dream about buying a blue and silver packet of cigarettes for my brother, and the woman in the shop was telling me not to smoke and I was saying they arent for mee! but then I was walking down some country lane and I was like hmmmm... tempting.... :-/ yeah that was a bit random.


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I like it when I remember what I dreamt, well, most times anyway.

Last night I dreamt that it was world war II and my friends and I were trying to hide from the nazis. Then we ran and ran untill we got to a Ponderosa (!), and we were so glad, but then the Cartwright brothers turned out to be aliens. And then I woke up.

Come to think of it, I dream about the second world war quite often... :-/