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What ever some of your latest dreams? I'm referring to the dreams you have when you're sleeping... not your goals in life. =P

Post your dreams! Discuss other peoples dreams! Discuss your own!

I had this weird dream last night I was wondering through my old elementary school at night. It was covered in Christmas lights flickering from red to green all over the place when suddenly some loony came out of nowhere in a pick-up truck. He was driving really fast and I wasn't sure if he was headed for me or somebody else. Well, he pulled up to the kindergarten area, got in a crotch position and started shooting. That's when I high tailed it out of there.


Dream over. Strange!

Some odd things that happened:
- The crazy person came out of nowhere when the lights turned all red and stayed that way.

I'm not sure what THAT was all about. Glad it's over, though. What about you guys?
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