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    Do you guys think that dreams have a meaning. I have a feeling that it doesn't cause it's all your imaginiation that is going wild when your sleeping. A lot of people say that every dreams mean something, but I have a hard time beleving that. Also I don't know if a lot of people are like this but sometimes I am able to control my dreams. What I mean by that is that if I am dremaing and I don't like it....in my dream i say I don't like this anymore and am gonna wake up now and I do.

  2. I believe some dreams do have meaning, it just depends on how much of them you can remember, I have had dreams that have actually had meaning, and forewarned me of something that was going to happen, so it is quite possible.
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    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I don't know. I still say that they don't have meaning but if there's experts that say so it must be true. Like they say if you die in your dream you won't wake up....which is pretty crazy and is true I never died in one of my dreams. But what you usually dream about is things you've experienced(almost every time)
  4. yeah dreams have meaning alright .... sometimes its just random junk about what your were thinking about last, but i think they have meaning, i believe its the best way to find out whats wrong or what to do, they give good signs, if your dreaming about a certain topic that you thought wasn't a big idea then you should think harder, because it had to of made an impact deep inside so means something on the outside
  5. I believe it can depend on Faith, if you have a vision in your dreams, not just things you have experienced. I know that a lot of my dreams are not things I have experienced.
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    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    It's hard to say they have meaning cause everytime you sleep you dream about something or the other. But in one way the dreams are happening for a reason. I first said they don't mean anything now I going 50/50 of the situation after thinking about it a little.
  7. Dreams are part of the natural sleep process, if you dont dream you dont get very good sleep. You normally just dont remember them.
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    I own a book of dreams that has a list of every type of dream. I once had a dream of salad and I looked it up and it said salad was a sign of sickness. I never got sick though. Then there is another dream i have  had all my life. It is me climbing up this net that seems endless and then falling down and starting over again. My theropist says that it is a symbol of me trying to get something accomplished but never able to do it. This dream I can relate to my life.
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    I think they have meaning. They are either recollections of a past event, visions of something you would like to happen in the future, visions of something you would not like to happen in the future, visions of something you think WILL happen in the future, visions of something you KNOW will happen in the future, visions of what is happening to you at the very moment(like you are half asleep dreaming of walking into a wall then you wake up and realize you just walked into a wall), or to some, dreams can be portals for God to communicate with you through, like a divine intervention kinda thing.
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    I have had those half awake dreams. Like once i was watching a show i forget the name and it had manson sweet dreams are made of these as its song. I was having a dream of that music with Manson swimming in a pool of raw eggs in slow motion.

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