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Dreams & Nightmares


aka ginger warlock
Last night for the first time in ages I had some really bad dreams, I am unsure of all of them but I can remember certain details:

Showing up to a board meeting (god knows why I was in a board room meeting, I am not that important in work) in dress down clothes when it was not a dress down day - that was odd.

Getting home and finding that loads of people were trying to get into a subway that was next to my house for some reason that was not open.

Getting home and finding my alarm was not on even though I knew I had set it and finding my place robbed.

That's about it... I know I was up til about 2am and ate almost an entire tub of Ben and Jerrys which from a google search this morning could be the reason.


Registered Member
Eating a lot of lettuce is supposed to cause nice dreams. When I was in South Korea and we'd eat Dalk Galbi - the way to eat it is each piece of meat wrapped in a lettuce leaf - I'd always have very colorful dreams that night. I mean, I always dream in color, but on those nights the colors would be brilliant and the dreams would be soothing and relaxing.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've had some pretty crazy dreams but I think at least some of them came from stuff going on in my life.

One time when I was taking melatonin it was giving me nightmares and I had to stop. Never thought about food influencing your dreams.