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Dreams can predict your relational behavior


Free Spirit
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If your partner has a dream of you cheating, expect to face repercussions for your scandalous dream-behavior later. According to new peer-reviewed research, dreams involving ones significant other can predict subsequent relational behavior.

Dreams of your significant other can predict your relational behavior, study finds
I've had dreams before that have effected my mood for the day and how I treated my husband. Have any of you experienced this?


I try not to ever remember my dreams, since I hate dreaming. But usually they don't effect my mood at all, if it's one of those rare occasions that I do remember it.


It's not me, it's you.
I used to have dreams all the time about my ex cheating on me. Turned out they were true. I always thought that on some level I suspected it and that it was just coming out in my dreams.

I don't think I treated him any differently because of the dreams. I would tell him about them and he would laugh and say how ridiculous they were. Bastard.


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I don't remember having these. But it makes sense. Dreams that stick with me are the really good sex dreams with old boyfriends. It always makes me want to look them up.


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There are many facets and levels to the mind, and most of them run furiously under the surface without ever bubbling up. Think about what happens when you're startled; there's never a concious thought that goes "Oh shi-! A monster! I'm going to turn and jump backwards, then fight!" It all just happens on it's own.

Some experts believe sleep allows the brain to exchange information up and down, sort out what's relevant and what's not. Concious thought deals with rationality, logic, and evidence; the subconscious deals with irrationality, abstraction, suspicion, etc. It's also amazing how much you can tell about someone just by their body language. (Insincerity, for example)

Personally, I believe a lot of dreams can give us insights into issues we have on our minds if we ask ourselves why we might be having such a dream; I've read some interesting theories suggesting that the dream is something like a dress rehearsal for real life. It's a test to see how you react in unusual situations, and what the results of that reaction are. So dreaming about a partner cheating on you doesn't mean he or she is going to do so, but it does mean you're preparing for the possibility on some level.


Living in Ikoria
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Every once in a while when having a dream that is really melancholy, I'll be in that sort of mood for the rest of the day. This is usually only when it's a really vivid one. It can even happen if I have a happy dream about something I want or once had - if vivid, waking up to reality can be a bummer lol.

However, while this has happened to me several times in the past it has never had an effect on my behavior to those around me. I've also found that the negative feelings seem to fade over the day.


I am the woolrus
75% of my dreams are me killing zombies. Seriously. It's a weird thing I have, but I do enjoy them!! The other 25% are basically piecing bits and pieces of my day together trying to make some sort of mish-mash of a story that never goes anywhere or makes any sense.

I'm sure lots of people do have dreams that reflect deep personal emotions and actually have some meaning to them, but generally mine are just mental diarrhea.


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I've hardly had dreams lately. However, while trying to recover from the worst spring flus ever, I did have nightmare about a two-engine biplane flying dangerously close to the house. Even though the dream started off good with a spectacular air show, things start to get bad when the bi-plane made its appearance and passed over our house. Let me tell you, I'm very predictable, when I went to my bedroom window and spotted the plane making a U-turn, something was telling me to get out of there and hide. I hid in my bathroom and locked the door. Shutting my eyes and preparing for the worse, I heard the plane approach the house again, and heard it trying to get inside my room. However, as the engine started to die out, I finally woke up from my aerial nightmare, relieved to be back in reality. It didn't take me long to realize that it was the Nyquil that caused me to have that nightmare. It didn't help matters that there was also a thunderstorm taking place at that time. I'm guessing that the rumbling of the thunder manifested into that loud plane engine and the thunderstorm was the airplane itself.


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I have dreams about the most ridiculous shit but they don't affect my behavior and my mood towards my girlfriend or anyone in general. I have had dreams where my girlfriend has cheated on me but I don't hold a grudge, I would tell her about it and she would laugh about it, hell even I would because I am fairly confident that she would never cheat on me.