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Dreaming about GF'ers


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Hoes and I used to talk about this a lot. There will be times that I'll have a dream about posting on GF. I don't really find that odd because of the numbers of posts I can make in a long period of time. I've also had dreams where a GF'ers name will pop up in a real life situation or in a random interaction. It's been too long for me to remember details but I do know that Hoes, Bliss, and EA have all popped up in my dreams before.
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While Rebecca was here visiting Kevin I dreamt that the three of us were hanging out with a few other people in our basement, and I went upstairs. Someone was breaking into our house and - long story short - I got shot. In the ribcage. It hurt but I noticed that it only broke one rib and didn't create any blood or anything. I went to talk to Kevin about going to a hospital and he was all "I'm not too worried about it! It's fine." Every time I'd talk to someone about it for the next 3 days in the dream or so nobody seemed to care or want me to get medical attention.


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I dream about them all the time, but it's not about posting or their name popping up, I usually dream about GF'ers themselves being in situations involving me in real life.


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Yeah I have GF related dreams quite often. I posted in another thread recently that Scoundrel was in one. I was stealing his shoes while he was wearing them and he got really mad at me. It ended with me crying and then my alarm woke me up. lol


I've had a few GF dreams. They were quite odd. Some of them involved members I talk to a lot, some involved members I rarely ever interact with and have no idea what they look like. Those are really the strange ones. My favorite involved Pam & Lauren. I swear it was PG-13. :lol:


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This is strange. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on GF and yet I don't remember ever having a GF dream.

I've even met Hoes in real life and I don't think he's ever been involved in any of my dreams (probably a good thing actually :lol:)

Konsh. Pam and Lauren? Do tell.


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I have never had a dream about a GF'er but I have had dreams about General Forum though. I posted a few posts in my dream and the next morning, I checked and they weren't there! I was convinced that it was real!


Never had a dream about GF or any of it's members. I generally don't remember many dreams though.


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I can't recall the exact dreams, but I know that I've definitely dreamt about Hoes a few times at least. Funny enough, Steve, you've been in a dream too if I recall. And I've had a dream about meeting Cass and Kibi and wrecking havoc on some unsuspecting town. Wish I could recall those details. :lol:


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I haven't had a dream about anyone from GF in a long time. When I first joined, I had a dream that a bunch of us were hanging out. Hoosier was dressed as a wizard.

I'm sure I've had others but I don't remember them