Dream Match up


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If you had the chance to see two wrestlers of any ERA to face eachother, that haven't face eachother who would it be and why?

Personally I'd love to see Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart. I believe these two wrestlers would have a hell of a match, and it would be probably be considered one of the best of all time.

Both of these wrestlers are great performers, and know all types of techniques and stuff. It would be so awesome.


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My dream match up is definitely Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle as well. The amount of talent that would be on dislay would be unmatched by any two people in a ring at the same time.

Other good ones are:

Rock vs HBK
Hogan vs Austin
Sting vs anybody WWE stardom who he never faced


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HBK vs The Great Khali, yet HBK would win :D

Or maybe The Great Khali vs Andre The Giant!

Hulk Hogan vs John Cena! Rofl!


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so my list is:

The Undertaker vs Sting
Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart
Brock Lesnar vs Bret Hart
The Undertaker vs Younger Ric Flair
Chris Benoit vs Dean Malenko (idk if they wrestled each other or not yet)


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I'd love to see Angle vs Hart as well. Both of those guys in a 1-on-1 match would be a match for the ages.

How about HHH vs Arn Anderson

I'd pay to see that match.


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I'd love to see the Giant(that being the big show in wcw) vs Andre the Giant, I believe it would be interesting to see those two massive guys going at it. It wouldn't be the best wrestled match ever, but I think it would be just awesome to watch. I'd also like to see Ricky Steamboat vs Kurt Angle I think both of those wrestlers could have a hell of a match up.
I just thought of this one today and I'd really love to see it.

Eddie Guerrero vs Gory Guerrero

One of the most powerful familes in wrestling history center stage in a huge match that I'd love to see.