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Dream Gunz


Do What Thou Wilt
Do you have a dream gun? Please describe

My dream gun is my avatar. A M1897 Marlyn, firing .354 Super MAgnum, or 9mm * 40mm. It gets high velocity, and using soft lead un jacketed bullets, is super lethal. I also would like an M1a1 Carbine, using my six base powder (nitro glycerine, nitro cellulose, nitro guanidine, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, and barium oxide), and high density tungsten/lead alloy, is super lethal. Then their is my M2021, which is basically a high density, high velocity, 1500 rounds per minute , bull pup, Thompson Submachine Gun.
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Likes snow

...well, I think that thing's a gun.
My bad, that's a chainsaw.

that one then
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Hell, It's about time!

Or this...

That flash suppressor is probably the size of my fist. And the last one I'd want is this... the M249 SAW

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